The use of digital technologies has dynamically changed educational theory and practice, which has led to the emergence of diverse distance learning solutions. With so many things changing in online education and the high variety of the types of courses and online programs, there are bound to be certain misconceptions that have created some of the new-age urban mythology about online training courses. Even the teachers are facing complications while they keep themselves updated on the developing technology and trying their best to make good use of it.

Generally, people are more sceptical when it comes to trying new things because they never really know what to expect. In this case, getting used to the frills and understanding its benefits becomes difficult in time. However, many misconceptions are arising since people are not well educated about the developing technologies related to Virtual Classrooms and other digital lecture room.

In this 2-minute read, we debunk the myths associated with the virtual/online classrooms and help you in identifying how many choices comes with them.

1. Misunderstanding: Online private courses don't hold importance in academic life

This misconception is somehow interconnected with another myth which states that the lack of physical contact leads to a lower quality of training. Though the virtual trainers are remote and cannot respond to the student's reactions, that doesn't make the virtual classrooms session less seriousness. It also holds utmost importance, and most of these courses provide legitimate certification and confer degrees.

However, there'll always be some employers and organisations who will be doubtful about online degrees, just like there will always be people who will never feel secure about online payment. And yet, there are employers who consider both traditional programs and online degrees on the same level.

2. Misunderstanding: Online courses can be easily cracked

This is perhaps the most common misconception is the virtual halls. Compared to the traditional face-to-face classes, the online teaching sessions are assumed to much more natural. This is so not true as the set difficulty levels of these courses are based on the online programs and require equal efforts in cogitation. Every month pack of misguided students enrolled in online classes, thinking they'll get a smooth A.

Lack of preceding research and precision on the curriculum often leads these student's learning experience down the rabbit hole. And, students will not believe it until they're in the middle of such chaos.

3. Misunderstanding: The only deadline will be the final test

Most of the students expect that for the online course, everything will happen as per their time. Not only are there deadlines for assignments, but there is often a narrow window where you got to take tests that typically last for four hours. This often poses a problem to those learners who are in a distant time zone from the school or those who deal with unusual work schedule.

As every day passes, online courses are improving in quality which is being recognized by both the employers and academic communities. Don't forget to do thorough research and make sure you shake off these silly misconceptions of online programs before you enroll.

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