Due to the fast-paced lifestyle prevalent in today’s society, stress has become such a common problem that chances are you or most of the people you know are experience it on a daily basis. In fact, a recent study showed that around 70% of Americans are suffering from stress and anxiety every day. This is something that should not be overlooked as stress can cause several health problems if left unchecked. Remember, stress is known as “the silent killer” and it got that moniker for a reason.
So, how can we eliminate stress from our lives? The answer might surprise you in terms of its simplicity. Below are 7 ways to helps alleviate stress and anxiety.

1. Exercise
This is as simple as it is effective when it comes to relieving stress. There are scientific facts to back up this claim, of course. First of all, exercising can help your body release more endorphins which is a chemical known to improve one’s mood and is the body’s natural painkiller. Exercising daily can also help you get a better night’s sleep. Working out daily can also boost your confidence in the long run.
2. Laughter
Laughter truly is the best medicine. Laughing is not just something you do whenever you are happy, it also has a few benefits for the body as well. Laughing can help in releasing tension in the body and actually allows the body to absorb more oxygen. If you’re feeling stressed, hang out with some of your closest friends or watch a comedy flick to lift your spirits up.
3. Know When to Say No
Often times you find yourself in a position where you are asked to do something that you are not entirely fond of or have time to do. Sometimes, you can’t say no to these requests. However, if it is affecting your daily life and is constantly leaving you drained and stressed, then you have to learn to put your foot down. Remember to never bite off more than you can chew. Some stress factors are out of your control but this is one stressor that you can actually control.
4. Do what You Need to Do Now Instead of Later
Avoid procrastinating. It’s as simple as that. If you have things that you need to do and can do them right now, don’t leave it for later. Finish all your responsibilities on time and you will prevent a torrential downpour of stress later. You will even have time to unwind and relax a little later on.
5. Practice Yoga
Yoga has always been a popular choice for stress relief and it is easy to see why. The whole activity is designed so that your body can maximize oxygen intake as well as relax your muscles using smooth flowing movements. If you have the time, try enrolling in a yoga class as it does wonders when it comes to alleviating stress and anxiety.
6. If you have a Pet, Spend Time with Them
Studies have shown that dog owners experience significantly less stress than non-dog owners. This can be attributed to the idea that pets can give you purpose and companionship. Dogs are as loyal as can be and are amazing companions to have in your home.
7. Try Taking some Supplements
There are specific vitamins and nutrients out there that are known to have anti-stress properties. Some of the more well known are omega-3 fatty acids, green tea, valerian root, lemon balm, and kava-kava. Try taking some daily supplements that use these as their main ingredients. They are medically proven to alleviate stress so you have science backing you up on this one.

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