An asthma patient faces a lot of problems due to asthma attacks. He faces difficulty to take a breath in smoky or dusty areas. He also suffers from the issue of coughing or wheezing due to the deficiency of air during breathing. It may lead him to severe condition that causes his death.

A little mistake can lead an asthma patient to the severe attacks. It is very important to avoid those mistakes that can cause the danger to life. Some of those common mistakes are described below:

1. Not carrying ventolin inhaler

Ventolin inhaler is one of the best treatments of asthma attacks. It helps the patient to breathe easily by relaxing the muscles of the lungs. It also helps to decrease the number of asthma attacks and helps him to completely get rid of it.

Some patients do not remember to buy ventolin inhaler and carry it along with them which may cause to suffer a lot of difficulties or to risk their lives. So, during going out, make sure you have carried the ventolin inhaler.

2. Not seeing the right doctor

Most of the patients, even doctors, fail to recognize the unite components between asthma and allergic reactions. If a person is actually dealing with an asthma problem but his doctor thinks that he has allergic reactions, then this could lead him to the severe condition.
As most of the adult asthma patients can get control over asthma attacks if they recognize the symptoms correctly and start their treatment at the initial stage. But unfortunately, they relate the asthma attacks to the allergic reaction that happens due to pollen, dust, mold or animal dander. In such a scenario, it is most important to consult the right doctor which can distinguish between the asthma attacks and the allergies.

3. Not getting treated for the allergies

Most of the allergic substances become the reason of asthma attacks. They can lead most of the patients to severe attacks where ventolin inhalers seem not such effective. In these scenarios, the patient can have risk on his life or any other big problem.

In this case, the patient must get treated to avoid such allergies that lead him to the asthma attacks. He should also avoid such substances that cause the allergic reaction in different ways.

4. Missing less obvious triggers

Most of the asthma patients know about the triggers that cause the allergies and lead them to asthma attacks, such as exhausting exercise, immediately breathing in cold, certain medications, non-air-exhausting or smoky areas. But there are also some less obvious triggers that can cause asthma attacks as well. Some of them are:

• Household plants
• Wood smoke
• Chlorine
• Candles and air fresheners

An asthma patient should also avoid the above triggers.
Hence, some common mistakes are described above that leads to asthma attacks. Asthma patient should avoid these mistakes and also use the ventolin inhaler regularly. It is the best way to control and decrease the number of asthma attacks.

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