The changing IT format over the globe has brought a huge change in terms of business growth. The concept of traditional phone system has been replaced with VoIP phones. The concept of using a VoIP is highly reliable over traditional business telephone system that is still being used in some of the companies. However, the benefit of using VOIP phones are more and has become an integral part of growing the small and medium business.

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Now, there are numerous business owners who still retain numerous myths related to the VoIP telephone system. So, let’s take a tour of the myths and burst them.

They are Just like Traditional Phone: If you are one of those who takes them as an ordinary phone, you are lacking somewhere. There are ample features that you can use and grow your business. Once your business starts to boom, you will require a smart telephone system that can help you receive attend each and every call from your customer. The smart waiting time, call auto redirection to next employee are some of the traits that you will find with this.

You can Continue using PBX System: This is the biggest complication that most of you might be considering still in your business premises. If your PBX telephone system is still working and is not damaged anyhow, you are not planning to replace it. RIGHT? If you are thinking so, you are lacking behind your competitor and hence you will not be able to beat them and grow your audience. Where your competitor is already taking advantage of the VoIP system, you are still using the PBX system.

VoIP Phone Systems are Expensive: There are still many of you who take the VoIP phone system as an expensive affair and because of that you still believe in the traditional telephone system in your office. But on contrary to this myth, if you are investing in upgrading your existing phone system, you will not be charged extra. Even the features you receive will be worth more than you pay for the entire installation and purchases.

It’s Not Suitable for Small Business: Being a new startup or having a small business, you think that investing in VoIP phone system is nearly worthless. But if you are actually looking to entertain your customers and are expecting a hike in the customer base, you will find this phone system to be highly productive for you.

You can Use Smartphones Instead: Now, some of you would be wondering about using cell phones to connect with the customers. But with every cell phone comes a unique phone number that will be hard to remember for the customer. Being a business, you need to build an identity and hence you will require a distinct but single phone number to connect with your customers.

So, if you are having one of this myth in your mind, research well and overwhelm them to include VoIP system in your business.

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