Good sales copy reaches out and touches the needs of the reader. The ability of a copywriter to address what it is a person is looking for helps them establish a connection with their readers. In doing so it makes their copy writing efforts all the more effective since the person is now more intrigued with the copy in front of them. Being able to touch upon any trigger points that captures a readers attention allows a copywriter to more effectively deliver their message. Since marketing online limits the contact people have, effective copy writing is therefore critical. Being able to strike up a connection with your reader by 'touching upon' their needs is the first step in delivering your sales message. Once a connection is established your chances of making any on line sales rise dramatically.

Of course the needs you may target in your copy should be in line with the product and/or services you are offering! With that said...

Here are 5 common needs most people have that if targeted correctly, will improve the marketing effectiveness of your copy.

Make Money

Making money is a common need and/or interest shared by most everyone regardless of their current financial situation. People are naturally drawn to this field because money is commonly used as 'symbol' of success, it can provide creature comforts and quite frankly because we all have bills to pay.

Save Time

Time seems to be a commodity that is always in short supply especially with the increasing demands placed upon all of us. Society today involves 60 hour work weeks along with social schedules that can be very demanding all by themselves. Finding ways to save time (which is the same as discovering more time) allows many to feel they can live fuller and happier lives.


Whether it is to get in shape or learning how to take better care of your own health this is a huge field and concern for just about everybody. Good health is also considered a sign of youth which nobody wants to give up no matter what age they may be.

Financial Future

Unlike the field of making money as we discussed above this concern is more about how to properly manage what it is you already have. It does little good to generate a healthy income if you can not hang on to it. Learning how to 'grow' your savings gives not only an increased feeling of financial security but also helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

Boost Self Esteem

Feeling comfortable or good about ourselves is very important since it affects the way we act and the decisions we make. Having a strong self esteem also has a significant impact on our performance both professionally and socially as well.

The measure of any good sales copy starts with its ability to connect with the reader. Since marketing online limits contact with your target audience to just your copy writing it is crucial to establish this connection to 'engage' readers. This is the first step in gaining a persons attention in order to deliver your intended message. By knowing what it is that most people want a copywriter can use these 'trigger points' to capture their attention. The 5 common needs most folks have are discussed above and if targeted correctly in your copy can help improve the marketing effectiveness of your message. By delivering this message to an already interested audience this dramatically increases your chances of making on line sales.

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