You might not know what goes around inside your house when you’re asleep, especially when you’re groggy after a day’s honest work. You turn the lights off and you think the world fades to black but that is the time when most bugs come out.

From the crevices and the poorly cleaned corners, there can arise several types of crawling bugs and insects that can not only harm your precious assets but also pose a threat to your well being. While any professional pest control Perth solutions provider may easily evict them, it can be feasible for you to learn about the various common types of pests that go bump in the night!

Also, in your discovery should you get bitten by a bug, this guide offers you some practical remedies to treat those nasty or harmless-looking bites. Read on to educate yourself a little bit better about the typical nighttime pest problem and how you can survive it.

The Three Common Nightly Active Pests

The first thing that you should learn about pests is that their existence differs from ours in the way that they live. We should comprehend that these pests usually end their hibernation at night time. Even if you cannot get a pest control Perth expert to assist you during the hours after the midnight, beware of the following types of pests:


The newly birthed bedbugs are usually colourless otherwise they appear brown and even reddish after a fresh meal i.e. sucking on your blood. Usually, their smaller form makes it easier for them to get into remote places such as between and inside furniture, mattresses, beds and even inside your personal belongings such as clothing items, etc.

To effectively drive them away, the pest control Perth pioneer service providers can help disinfect your surroundings without requiring you to spend another night fearing these bloodsuckers.


Every woman’s nightmare and the basic cause of creating panic can be credited to the infamous cockroaches. Luckily, they do not suck blood but they do fly. Apart from surviving by hunting food at night, their excretion activities and the classic case of ‘goes around everywhere’ can infect your food and living environment to the point where you can easily fall sick.

If you’ve spotted but one tiny cockroach in your surroundings, chances are that your place is already infested. Thus, hiring professionals pest controllers immediately will be ideal than using repellents and so on.


Rodents are globally hated by chefs, families and pretty much everyone because they bring diseases quicker than they multiply. While you may have heard that they can damage your property by chewing and biting on surfaces, what they will also do is attract other types of pests and mammals.

Because rats prowl too often around the place, especially at night, simply prevent your house or building from becoming extremely contaminated and becoming a beacon for other mammals by calling rodent exterminators ASAP.

Bug Bite Pest Control Perth Remedies

Being bitten by a rodent could be a different scenario than being bitten by a type of pest such as bedbugs, spiders, mosquitoes, etc. If the bite is of the former type, immediately seek medical attention to prevent escalation of the situation. If however, you find yourself to have been bitten by a bug, the following immediate remedies should help you feel a little better until you inevitably seek medical attention all the same:

Rubbing Alcohol

Make a point to wash the wound or the location of the bite with alcohol since it will help to reduce the speed at which the infection may spread while also cooling your skin temporarily after mild stinging.

Baking Soda

Prepare a paste of baking soda and water to be applied to the bite so it can eliminate the urge to itch the fresh wound. It can also help with momentarily neutralizing the discomfort caused by the bite.

Aloe Vera

Being one of the most useful and medicinal plants, applying the extract of aloe vera from the leaf directly on the wound can help prevent itching and relieve the wound from swelling due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Tooth Paste

A bite from the pest could very well burn. Until the pest control Perth experts arrive to assist you with your pest problems, applying menthol toothpaste on the bite area can provide immediate relief from stinging as well as reduce swelling while also covering the wound against foreign particles.


Applying ice that is covered in a cloth or a soft fabric every five to ten minutes on the bite area can prevent swelling as well as help with minimizing the discomfort. Alternatively, replace the ice pack with a wet cloth to feel mild relief from the cold and the burn of the bite.

Final Words

It is crucial to dial a reputable pest control Perth professional as soon as you’re certain you have a pest problem. The pest control Perth experts can safely disinfect your house without becoming a liability to you while also protecting you from becoming infected yourself. Their dependable services could help you get rid of nightly pests and other types of intrusions by insects, mammals, and so on.

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