The problem of ticks is common among dogs. Ticks are the parasite who feed on the host blood (dog) .They carry diseases, which can infect your dog. Taking preventable measures is the best way to keep your dog healthy. For a dog owner, it is important to keep a close eye on your dog. It is also mandatory to get your dog vaccinated for ticks and fleas from time to time. Ticks can easily stick to them while they are roaming outside or sitting on a dirty or unhygienic pooch. Groom your dog regularly so that the ticks can be removed and disposed off.

Ticks are parasites who seek warm-blooded hosts, on which to dig their heads and feed them. Under a cloak or below the ears of dogs are great places to look for these tiny vampires. Unattended, a checkmark will swell with blood, eventually the dog falls into its own. However, these little bloodsuckers carry nasty diseases including Alzheimer Lyme known, and they are exposed to the host or others who transferred to them.

It is important to take precautions when grooming your dog for ticks with gloves. If a tick is found, you use a tool such as tweezers or gloves for your fingers to hold the tick as close to the head as possible and pull slowly the little beast just about to reach out, being careful not to twist. Keeping oil may be coated by coating the hook for 30 seconds prior to drawing to act in order to facilitate the tick the handle. A piece of the dog's skin can be removed with ticker could a yelp. Remember, too, such as immunization shots to do this for the good of the beloved dog and those around him, so do not feel guilty. Occasionally, the head of the tick remains attached to the dog's skin, what red inflammation, but usually will drop off over time. If this is not the case, or infected, see a vet. A bit of hydrocortisone cream or spray on the affected area can reduce the chances of infection and healing time

Types of Ticks

We have listed out few common types of ticks that are found in dogs.
- The Deer Tick – It is most nasty type of tick which can also cause Lyme disease which is very dangerous to dog’s health. It has a black head and black dorsal shield.

- The Lone Star – This is female variety which has white star or small dot on its back .This type of ticks are very aggressive.

- Rocky Mountain Wood Tick – This little blood sucker is quite robust and massive cause of paralysis. It has rounded and thicker body.

- Seed –It is quite early stage in the life cycle of the parasite when it has been hatched from the egg, known as larva.

- Brown Tick - In brown tick the difference between male and female type are very hard to tell. They adversely affect dog’s health condition.

- Golf Coast Tick - This type looks like the American version and the Rocky mountain species, the slight difference is their mouthparts are slightly longer.

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