Loss of gas is one of the most frustrating, yet common problems that users of refrigerators have to live with. This is something that cannot be ignored, as this not only affects the functionality of the appliance but it also at times poses health issues, not like older days though, when Freon was used as the refrigerating gas.


Now, in most cases, loss of gas does not come alone. Either it comes along with other issues, or it is the fallout of some other aberrations or problems. Let us discuss them in short on this page.  


Rapture of coils


Modern fridges use HFC or Hydrofluorocarbon as the cooling agent. The gas ideally passes through the coils at the bottom or the back of the refrigerators. The compressed gas turns hot, and the electrical compressor keeps on compressing the HFC.  Subsequently, the pressure is released, and the temperature of the gas decreases. This cooled down gas then passes through the coils while it pulls the warm air out.


Now if the coils rapture, the gas leaks out at any point, resulting in the malfunction of the cooling process. And this happens in every fridge, even the best makes, including Fisher and Paykel. Hence, simple re-gassing your fridge will not be enough. You need to hire a company that will not only refill the gas but is competent enough in conducting Fisher and Paykel Fridge Repairs. They will refill the gas only after repairing the coil and taking other necessary arrangements.  


Faulty Compressor


The function of the compressor is to ‘squeeze’ the gas as it passes through the coils of your refrigerator, thereby reducing its temperature. In fact, this is how the mechanism of the cooling system works. A faulty generator will make a clicking sound, but will not bring in any extra cooling effect on your fridge.


This is another issue, which comes along with the gas loss. In other words, a gas leak is at times, linked with the faulty compressor. Hence, when it comes to dealing with the issue of a gas leak, you need to hire companies that take on defective compressors, while carrying out fridge repairs in Double Bay. These companies will be able to address the problems seamlessly.


Defective Thermocouple


This is another problem that may result in gas loss from your refrigerator. Refrigerators are never sealed completely so that the interior temperature can be controlled from outside.  A thermometer, which is called thermocouple, senses the change in temperature, and switch the compressor off and on, for maintaining the desired temperature.  Loss of gas at times comes along with a malfunctioning thermocouple.


Failure in Insulation


In case of old fridges, at times the insulation is knocked out of order, and it may not only result in the discharge of water, but at times, it may result in a gas loss as well. Again, you need to bank on the companies that offer fridge repairs Westinghouse that can address this issue and fix it.


Besides all these, at times electrical wiring issues also come up hand in hand with the problem of gas leakage and only a competent company that repairs fridges in Westinghouse or Double Bay will able to address this issue.  

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The author is an expert in fridge repairs and owns a company that offers Fisher and Paykel Fridge Repairs in Double Bay and Westinghouse. The author also writes blogs on fridge repairing.