We all know the good things about vinyl floorings. They are easy to install, very tough, water-resistant, and breathtakingly beautiful while seen from above. But every flooring material comes with its own set of difficulties and vinyl is no different. If you are planning to call your architect to switch your old flooring with vinyl, you must read this before you do so. Read on to know the difficulties you may have to face if you choose to install vinyl floorings. Also, find out some of the most coveted secrets about vinyl material that is accessible to experts only.

1. Not Repairable

Although everyone loves vinyl floorings due to their wooden pseudo finish and long-lasting nature, Vinyl Floorings are a one-time wonder. That means, you cannot repair a flooring piece once you spill your hot coffee, or your pet scratches the surface. Once you glue down the floorboard with a vinyl sheet and give them a little time, you will see a permanent fixture because removing a vinyl floor is very tough. Though you may be able to remove the floorboard with the help of elbow glue, repairing the specific piece is not an option. You have to replace the tile or think of changing the whole assembly.

2. Only Feels Like Wood

Another setback in the segment of vinyl floorings is the fake texture. Vinyl flooring may look and shine like a timber flooring but at the heart of it, it is just vinyl after all. After a short period, vinyl loses its shine, and the economic rates of vinyl start depicting their true color. A Vinyl Flooring in NZ has a comparatively small lifetime than the original wooden flooring and you cannot deny the wear and tear because you settled for less. The solution for this issue is polishing the vinyl floors or look for the alternative in the face of wooden floors.

3. Not Biodegradable

When you are about to remove flooring material, it is advisable that the flooring gets recycled or disposed of in a mannered way. But this is not possible in the case of vinyl floors. Vinyl is not eco-friendly so you cannot recycle that, neither is biodegradable. This makes vinyl similar to plastic materials that are a waste to be thrown in the landfill upon end-of-life. If you decide to install vinyl floorings, then make sure you have a plan for its removal. Otherwise, you will have to face difficulties upon the removal of flooring.

Keep all these tips in mind while choosing vinyl flooring and if you are okay with all these pointers, then go for it. However, vinyl is one of the most successful and ecumenical floorings out there, so it has its own set of advantages as well.

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