Astrology is rooted in tradition. Astrology is primarily a way to understand the universe or the cosmos and ourselves. We have to get to know ourselves as wisdom is superior to anything else. In modern times it has been suggested that astrology is false on its principles. How can planets influence our daily lives and our future? There is no influence of the course of the stars of our existence. Then how can astrology be relevant?

The reality is that a single force directs the world, just as the center of a wheel orchestrates the total movement. Men women, planets and stars are all moved by this single principle. They are all linked as points on a circle and there are analogies between movements of the stars and the changes occurring on Earth. In other words, the sky may seem like a big book being written on our lives. The decoding of this data falls under astrology. The movement of the stars and the wave of radiation emitted by planets directly influence individuals on Earth. It is just the inability of the modern mind to conceive anything that is immeasurable.

Common questions relating to Astrology:

Q. Why is the time of birth required to create a personalized horoscope?

Natal Chart: Everyone has an astrological natal chart. This is a picture of the sky directly over you at the moment you were born. It never changes. When creating a personalized forecast, we look at where the planets are today and how they relate to the planets’ original placement in your unique birth chart. We also look at your overall personality according to your natal chart and predict how someone with your natal chart would most likely respond to the events that are unfolding in your life. When creating a compatibility report, we compare your chart and the other person’s chart and see what elements in your charts are compatible and which ones are likely to clash.

To understand how your time of birth plays into this, we will start with an analogy. Imagine that an astrology chart is a clock with ten hands spinning around. In essence, astrological forecasting is simply reading someone’s ten-handed clock and telling them what time it is and what time it is about to be. Some planets move quickly like the minute hand or the seconds hand on a normal clock and some move slower like the hour hand. The moon, sun, Venus, and Mars all tend to zip around quickly. Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus are moderately paced. Neptune and Pluto are so slow that they create big generational influences. Most Baby Boomers have Pluto in Leo and Neptune in Libra. However, those born after 1958 have Pluto in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio. This is why those born at the end of the bell curve, like Madonna, Bono, and Obama often fit in better with the post-Boomer generation. The faster planets have a more noticeable affect on our personalities and often trigger more of the day-to-day events in our lives. Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus are mid-speed and change trends and themes.

Your natal chart is your personal clock frozen in time at the moment of your birth. Instead of two or three hands frozen in place on the face of your clock/chart, you have twelve little symbols (representing each planet’s “hand”) sprinkled randomly around your clock.

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