‘Interview’ – sounds scary to most of us, isn’t it? No one likes interviews, especially when you are the one getting interviewed. But there is an interesting trend to be noticed in this whole process. No matter wherever you go, appear in number of interviews, some basic questions remain the same. Even the answers to be given can be generalized to some extent. Whenever you want ‘job advice’ from someone, the first thing you want to know is ‘’what are the common interview questions and answers that I may come across?’’ Well, here are few for you –

1. So, tell me about yourself –
This one is a sure shot question, wherever in the world you decide to appear for an interview. While replying to this, you don’t need to explain everything right from your birth date to your hobbies. Mention your name, some career relevant facts. Be short and to the point. That should be enough.

2. Why did you apply for this job (or) why did you leave the last job?
A tricky question, you might get into trouble if you try to explain too much. The ideal answer would be, ‘’Sir, I am looking for a job where I can grow with the company; as a person and as an employee and advance my career ‘’

3. Have you applied anywhere else?
While replying to this, you need to be smart and attentive. Be honest. Mention all the companies you have applied for without going into the detail. This shows how serious you are to get a job. It makes a positive impact.

4. Are you a team worker?
A straightforward ‘Yes’ to this one. Be emphatic. If possible, try to explain what position you want to take up in a team and what would be your strategies to cope up with the team members.

5. So, salary, what expectation you have?
Another tricky question! Answer carefully. You might go with, ‘’Actually right now, rather than thinking about the salary, I’m more concerned about how my career is going to shape up in the future. I want to grow.’’

Above mentioned are the 5 most commonly asked interview questions and their expected and appropriate answers. While answering, be modest and confident at the same time. Just a few job advices, hope it’ll help.

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