Compatibility Reports: In compatibility reports, the comparison of Rising Signs is the comparisons of the outer image and the outer personality; the face they show the world may not match who they are on the inside. If your sun sign and your rising sign are the same, then you are a “what you see is what you get” type person, but if your sun sign and rising sign clash, people may have a hard time trying to figure you out.

Sometimes there are couples having compatible sun signs. At their core, they really connect and love the other person’s inner self. However, their Rising Signs clash; so the way they behave rubs each other the wrong way. This creates those situations where deep down you love the other person, but you just cannot stand the way they conduct themselves. Without the birth time we cannot analyze this part of the relationship. Is one person an extrovert party animal and the other is an introvert bookworm? They might even have the same sun signs and therefore the same values and view of the world, but they express it so differently that they are incompatible.

Personalized Forecast: The Rising Sign (9 spot on a normal clock) is where the first house begins, followed by the beginning of the second house approximately where the 8 would be, the beginning of the third house where the 7 would be, etc. The houses are numbered in a counterclockwise direction beginning at the Rising Sign (9 spot on a normal clock) and ending at the 10 spot. The birth time tells us exactly where the houses start. When creating a personalized forecast, the astrologer now knows not only whether or not you have good news or bad news coming, but they also know where it is likely to show up in your life. Rather than just telling you that you are going to have “trust issues”, we could tell you that these issues will show up in your professional life not in your love life. Rather than just telling you that you will be “more seductive”, we could tell you that it will help you in your sales, business contracts, and communications. That is very different from being “more seductive” in your personal life.

Ignorance of Birth Time: What if you do not know your birth time? It is usually on your birth certificate. Sometimes mothers will remember it and be able to say. If however, she only has a rough memory that it was in the morning, then we figure out which zodiac signs were passing through that morning and make our best guess. We base it on your outer personality and by asking questions like “Are you more likely to get angry about financial issues or about someone not understanding what you are trying to say?” Or we could ask something like “Do you have more fun traveling and exploring life’s adventures or climbing the ladder of success?” These kinds of questions help us to narrow down which houses we think your planets are in. Think of it as “reverse engineering” of your time of birth.

Having the birth time and therefore the Rising Sign and house placements gives us a lot more information for making predictions. Solar charts (without birth times) give us the big picture, major trends, and generational influences. Natal charts (with birth times) give us the details, the fine print, and how specific events, issues, personality traits, and blessings are likely to show up. A solar chart tells us what your anger style is. A natal chart tells us what sets you off. A solar chart tells us money is coming your way. A natal chart tells us whether you are putting in overtime at work or buying a winning lottery ticket. Natal charts are always better and more specific.

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