Q. Why don’t we fit within our own Zodiac Sign?

Most of us are fascinated by astrology. Skeptics think that the daily forecasts are all written so vaguely that they could apply to anyone. The descriptions of the various zodiac signs were so general that anyone in a blind study could pick up any of the descriptions and see themselves in it. We can try out this theory but we will find that in reality, very few match us at all. However, we also realize that we do not perfectly match every single thing about our own birth signs.

Sun Signs and Zodiac Signs: The reason is that the basic sun signs only tell one piece of who we are. There is a moon sign, a Mars sign, a Venus sign, etc. They each have a different purpose and cover different pieces of our potential personality profile. To use an analogy, think of each planet as a different aspect of the human psyche. There are the emotions, drives, love, spirituality, communication, the intellect, etc. Also, look at each zodiac sign as if it is a different culture. If you hear of a woman from Brazil, you have an immediate idea of what kind of person she is. Every single woman from Brazil is not exactly the same but you can create a general idea in your minds as to what she is probably like.

Now if you knew that this woman was born and raised in Brazil, looked Scandinavian, had the temper of an Irish woman, the religious beliefs of a Jewish woman, falls in love like a French woman and has the independent streak of an American, you would have an even better idea of what type of woman she is. Something similar happens when an astrologer pulls your chart and tells you that you have your moon in Virgo and your Mars in Aquarius. If one astrologer is talking to another and says that his client has his Moon in Aries, Mars in Leo, and his Sun in Scorpio opposing his Saturn in Taurus, the other astrologer is going to immediately get a picture of the fellow just the same as you were able to picture the woman described using comparisons to various cultures.

Cusps: Now, someone can be born in an area that geographically is on the border between two cultures; the same is true for astrology. Someone who was born and raised in America but always lived just near the Canadian border, is likely to pick up and feel at home with some Canadian philosophies and beliefs. Someone who grew up near the Mexican border will most likely have been influenced by their culture too. In astrology, this happens when you have someone born on the cusp between two signs. They may technically be Leo, but show many behaviors of a Virgo too.

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