No Generalizations: When scientists try to discredit astrology as an accurate way to determine a person’s psychological makeup, they are usually taking it from the approach that all Capricorn’s are workaholics and depressed, all Scorpio’s are revengeful and sex addicts, all Virgo’s are finicky about organizing and health conscious, etc. That is about as accurate as saying that all Irish are drunks, all German’s are Nazis and all Japanese are suicidal over bad grades and failed businesses. The only way that science is going to be able to get accurate statistics is if they start looking at the complexity of the pieces in the whole. For example, people who have a heavy Aries and/or Mars influence throughout their charts are more likely to be aggressive but do not assume that every single person born during the season of Aries is necessarily aggressive.

For example, your sign is Capricorn. But, while reading the descriptions of other zodiac signs, you find some of your characteristics in the descriptions of Aquarius and Libra. You may not be a full-blooded Capricorn. You are artistic, seductive, and like colorful clothing. This means that you have a heavy influence of planets and aspects of Libra and Aquarius. Those parts in you that did not fit the Capricorn description can be found in these two zodiac signs. If scientists were looking out for you to be completely Capricorn, then they would have to conclude that astrology does not work. However, if they look at you as a Capricorn who acts and feels like a Libra and who loves and fights like an Aquarius, then they would see that it works rather nicely after all.

Q. What is our Rising Sign?

Sun Signs and Rising Signs: We have all heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Just imagine a wolf that looks like a sheep. In astrology, we would say that the person’s Sun Sign is that of the Wolf and that his Rising Sign is that of the Sheep. . Astrologically speaking, this is not a case of the wolf trying to deceive us. He simply has been born with sheep’s clothing and that is initially how people see him. It takes a while to get to know him and realize that he actually is a wolf deep down inside. In the same way, the inner yolk of an egg is very different from the outer shell but, they are both parts of what makes up the nature of the egg. Such is the dynamics between Sun Signs and Rising Signs.

Compatible Signs: Certain zodiac signs are more compatible with others. That is just the way it is. So if you have a Rising Sign and a Sun Sign that are compatible, you probably come across as a rather consistent person. If you have an aggressive warrior-like inner self and your outer person is that of an entrepreneurial enterprising individual, then people will simply see you as success-oriented. The two types flow easily together. If your inner self is that of an intellectual humanitarian and your outer self is talkative and curious, people will simply see you as a very social and intellectual person.

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