Clashing Signs: There are also sign combinations that clash. These can cause people to have a hard time figuring you out. If your inner self is a deep thinking and reflective type but your outer self is a light and chatty social type, people will not realize the depth of your intelligence and therefore they will treat you like an airhead. It can cause a lot of issues when the inner you and the outer you do not appear to blend. You may have a deeply loving and passionate inner self but a detached and aloof outer self. You will probably face many situations where people accuse you of not caring or of not being in love when you are actually a very loving person.

Same Signs: There are also people who are exactly the same on the inside and on the outside. For example a Scorpio who also has a Scorpio Rising. What you see is what you get. There is no mystery or hidden aspects to who and what he is. We are reminded of Popeye the Sailor Man’s little jingle, “I am what I am and that’s all that I am!” Such is the life for those who are the same on the inside and outside.

Know Your Rising Sign: There are plenty of online sites where you can plug in your birth information and they will give a report identifying your Rising Sign. These reports also tell you where your Moon, Venus, Mars etc. are located. Technically, the Rising Sign is called your Ascendant, but most people know it as the Rising Sign because it is the zodiac sign that was on the horizon at the time of your birth. In order for these horoscope programs to work though, it is very important that you have the correct time of birth. The time of birth is what determines your Rising Sign. If you guess wrong, then you are not likely to get an accurate portrayal of how you present yourself to the rest of the world.

Knowing your Rising Sign can be helpful. Once you know what your Rising Sign is, you can compare the traits of that sign with your main Sun Sign and you will have a better idea of how you come across to others. When reading your daily, weekly, and monthly astrology forecasts, you should also read the one for your Rising Sign. Combine both forecasts and you will have an even more accurate idea of what activities are being encouraged or discouraged at any given time.

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