Compatibility Comparison: When you are doing a compatibility comparison between yourself and someone else, it is a good idea to consider the Rising Signs too. Let’s say that you both have compatible Sun Signs, but the two of you fight like cats and dogs anyway. By comparing Rising Signs, you may find the answer to the fights. You may be very compatible at a deep spiritual level, but completely incompatible when it comes to the day-to-day stuff of life. One of you may come across as very loud, rude and boisterous while the other one comes across as polite, prim and proper. Even if the two of you are completely compatible in all other areas, your differences in how you present yourselves to the outside world can cause friction. On a more important level, one of you could have a Rising Sign that is prone to flirtations and even infidelity while the other has a Rising Sign that is extremely possessive and not able to handle such behaviors. It won’t matter if the Sun Signs are wonderfully compatible, because the Rising Signs are going to cause too much stress for the relationship to ever be an easy one. It is not a simple difference of preferences. When Rising Signs clash, people often feel like they have to be someone other than their real selves in order to get along. Nobody likes to feel like they have to censor themselves all of the time in order to keep from upsetting their spouse.

Let’s say that a man and woman want to compare charts to see if they might be compatible. First, compare the basic Sun Signs. If those clash, then they probably will never get along on the deepest levels. Second, compare the Rising Signs. If those clash, then you could have a lot of bickering. Third, compare his Sun Sign with her Rising Sign and her Sun Sign with his Rising Sign. If more than half of the comparisons appear to be compatible, then they should have an easier time than most couples. If less than half of the combinations appear compatible, then they should prepare themselves for a bumpy road ahead of them. You can compare siblings, friends, lovers or even boss and employer type relationships using this method.

Sometimes, knowing that someone’s Rising Sign clashes with their Sun Sign, may help us realize that they do not mean to come across as such a confusing contradiction. Not all wolves in sheep’s clothing are intentionally deceitful. Some sheep just have the spirit of a wolf deep down inside of them.

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