The resume is your short biography that gives a clear description of your personal as well as professional life. It encompasses all the traits, USPs and more that keeps you stand out of the crowd and ensure your selection for a job. However, there are many mistakes that people make while creating a resume that even results in their rejection.

That’s the reason you are always suggested to go through different resume examples that will give you a better glimpse of the format and professional terminologies that you can use to add strength to your resume.

Moving to the main point, below are the common mistakes that job aspirants make while making their resume.

Spelling Mistakes: Spelling & grammatical mistakes are the most common error that makes a bad impact on the interviewer. A minor error may cause big harm to your efforts. How much potential you have for the job, a significant spelling/grammar error can ruin all your efforts and result in your rejection. So, before you finalize a resume, check every single word for a spelling error and go through the entire resume to omit any grammar errors.

Use of Unprofessional Details: In many resumes, you will find an unprofessional email address, or multiple phone numbers, numerous residential addresses. This not only makes the resume messy but also makes the unnecessary points prominent over your skills and educational qualification. So, it’s always recommended to remove such points which don’t have a necessity. Instead of preferring using a single contact name, address along with a professional email address.

Outdated Information: Many job aspirants even carry an outdated resume for every job they apply. The obsolete information filled in your resume can be easily witnessed. Lack of current job details, old contact details, or many other points directly impact your performance during the interview. Not only your outdated information, but instead many irrelevant information is also always a big reason for your rejection. Adding your age, marital status, hobbies, doesn’t have any importance in presenting your professional resume.

Excessive Keyword Stuffing: There are many keywords which don’t suit your resume. Even using power words (best, top, etc.) doesn’t make any sense in your resume. Your potential can be judged through the technical round. Hence you should omit such keywords in your resume. If you fail to present what’s written in your resume, it will be a big no, for your selection. So, keep the resume simple and restricted to what’s required.

Wrong Job Profile: When you are applying for a job profile, the resume must reflect your capabilities in that niche. E.g., applying for a Digital marketer will require the same job profile in your resume. If you share the resume with the back-office job profile, it is worthless to invest your time. You should change the job profile in your resume that can reflect your potential and experience in the niche.

Once you correct these mistakes, you will have a better resume that can be forwarded for the job and increase your selection chances.

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