Whilst it's always good to have the opinions of professional people it is also a good idea to have the opinions of ordinary `people. I think it's also very healthy to take current issues and events and discuss them sensibly over the airwaves. I also think it's good to have a bit of music to break up the serious material. In this podcast Neil's team has just won the FA Cup in Britain. This is of great importance to many fans.

We had a dreadful incident on the island of Tenerife where a lady was beheaded by a maniac. This has shocked a lot of people and we remembered that there used to be mental institutions where such people would have been kept in days gone by.

Manners and the behaviour of young people was another topic and we wondered whether or not children have been given too many pills and society is now paying the price. This developed into my comments about the food children eat and how behaviour is linked to E numbers.

Neil also told me that his mother was a big Frank Sinatra fan and we reminisced about how hard our mothers had to work in the old days. Neil's mum used to do her ironing whilst listening to Frank Sinatra. We discussed the effects
of a man and his music on the people who liked his work.

I don't necessarily think strong opinions are always the right opinions but I do think it is good to hear considered opinion and I like to have it given in a light-hearted context.

Why not take a few minutes and listen to our chat.....


Author's Bio: 

Neil is a guest on my show because he has strong opinions. If he doesn't agree with me he will tell me so and I like to listen to his opinions and where they come from. Neil had a very famous step-brother, Dustin Gee, and trod the boards with him around the north of England.

Vince creates podcasts and is a freelance broadcaster living in the South of Spain.He is also a qualified teacher and lecturer.