GSA for SDI operation to perform a handful of private organizations has suffered. Innovative and highly accurate response to the initiative has provoked, building owners and Managers Association standards (Boma), according to the methods, new revenue-enhancing tools that private building owner, facility managers and real estate companies will deliver 21st century. Use the right amount of space they actually receive income from the rates for the tenants.

SDI project is mainly a combination of two functions, the physical verification of spatial data and calculated. The second action, the use of high-tech software for storing and manipulating these informative Facility managers, marketing and customer assurance of a terminal for monitoring real-time information about their ability to receive.


Boma (building owners and Managers Association) is a book that a standardized measurement and classification of all spaces within the building permit was developed, effectively removing all guesswork? This standard was developed for the private sector office buildings and is used by many large companies. GSA has the standard for all its buildings. Spatial verification process includes the following four steps:

Space Links: Space during the measurement, a precision laser equipment, CAD software with a laptop, and a trained team of professionals to each element of the building to check. This is exactly one eighth to half-inch. Electronic drawing a standard consistent in all facilities will be produced.

Connection to the database and the resulting drawing is connected to an external database. Everywhere his own "tag" that identifies the user, the square footage calculations, and is linked to the database. Tagged in CAD drawings automatically into the database any changes will occur.

Test: drawing and database, then go through an extensive series of tests to weed out any errors. Accuracy of hundredths of a routine to a whole floor. Database is ready for tenant’s information to generate reports.

Maintenance: the existence of electronic drawings to reflect changes in order to facilitate easy maintenance. The organization to focus on their core competencies as possible.


In the field of real estate cost savings tracking, facility managers and owners with endless benefits include an accurate electronic at any time facility manager for the building getting a snapshot of information. With the press of a mouse, facility manager for the calculation of costs based on square footage and may increase their lease revenues.

By knowing the exact square meters, possibly a price that was initially set to the wrong square meters could cut down on the deal. For furniture is another advantage. Typically, a tenant space based on a misunderstanding of the furniture ordered. A place to get the exact size, one can be sure that the furniture will fit exactly. Private organizations and real estate companies who are wasting time and money is a big problem. The features for recognition, followed by the future revenue increases are paid within the first few months.

Daily companies to the benefits that you can do for their organizations by realizing spatial recognition are discovered. Like most new technologies, was developed by spatial data validation, but the "big boys," it is up to the private sector at all levels. A building can be spatially and validated as an alternative to the standards set. If multiple buildings involved in the process, will help in addition to the new software maintenance and production information management of the building owner.

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