Starting up a business is something that needs attention in even the minutest aspects -- from the beginning to the end! An efficient and upgraded set up ensures better functionality (leading to more profits) within a short span of time, while some flaws in this procedure may lead to huge losses (well, let’s not even think about it!). The same goes for a warehouse setup!

A wise designing and organising since the commencement lead to better work cycle, and hence timely deliveries, that lead to excellent profits. But often, there are some common yet avoidable mistakes in this setup that do cause a drastic effect on your business and the final accounts too. It’s therefore always wise to be aware of such issues and make a note of not falling for the trap (or repeating them in case you slipped once!) in your warehouse working structure.

Some mistakes that need your attention in your warehouse

Your warehouse business may have rolled out well, but due to increasing progress (and therefore the mounting work pressure), your set up would be demanding an upgrade. Or perhaps from the beginning itself, there may have been some flaws in the workflow system that you now need to rectify. In both of these cases, there are certain mistakes which are common -- like less space dedicated to loading materials, or not installing a Chain Conveyor, etc. Let’s read about these hindrances in your business, and try to avoid them at all cost -

1. Allocate separate areas for receiving and dispatching goods: This is the most common mistake done by most of the startups in the warehouse business. Especially the smaller warehouse holders allot the same space for receiving as well as dispatching the goods. This causes a lot of commotion and confusion amongst both the parties which may lead to mistakes. It’s better to keep separate spaces for both the procedures to avoid these kinds of mistakes.

2. Lack of material handling equipment: Material handling equipments are pretty significant in the smoother working of any warehouse. When there are no conveyors to carry your heavy loads and products from point A to point B, this means that the work is carried out by human labour which can be taxing and time consuming as well. There are various kinds of material handling products like belt conveyors, Gravity Roller Conveyor, etc. Wainwright Engineering services have got some amazing equipment to offer, all designed according to your needs, demands and suitability. They even customise your orders and deliver the promised products, which can make your work a lot easier. With these conveying systems accurately set up in your warehouse, you can have an efficiently running workplace with all goods carefully transformed, stored well -- and of it without much human labour. The time saved in this procedure can be your brownie points!

3. Stocking Up in Excess: Staying stocked up always is a good idea, but anything excessive isn’t. Holding on to your inventories can lead to huge loss in this business too. The markets and demands are always fluctuating, and because of this flexibility in the demands, these products need to reach the target audience while the demand lasts. Else, they may suddenly lose their relevance. In the latter case, you have to bear all the losses, especially if the goods are perishable. Keeping a limited stock also helps you to stay out of those heavy debts needed to procure and store those items. (You can always restock later if you feel the demand is increasing).

4. Depending on manual and paper calculation: In the vast business of warehouse, dealing with hundreds of deliveries and production daily, keeping a track of all these with manual calculation and paper records can be misleading. Also, the space that all these documents occupy and the time and staff wasted on these cumulatively add to the loss. With digitalisation at our disposal, these calculations and records can be managed in minutes by just installing a good tracking system in your warehouse. The complete installation of the system that tracks each delivery and pick up may seem taxing financially in the beginning, but the benefits are long lasting and way too many.

Lapse in Safety and Hygiene Measures: Lack of safety can cause accidents. So can clutter and mess building up in the work environment. Naturally you would like to avoid such hazards. Evidently, safety and cleanliness measures should get adequate consideration from you.

These are some common but huge mistakes that can give your warehouse a major blow in the course of time. But these are avoidable easily with simple measures! Apart from these, improper staff management, unmanaged stock department, lack of proper measurement tools and not giving much attention to security settings can be hindering functions of your workplace too. It’s better to be aware to get a better and proper flourishing warehouse business.

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