History has always marked the progress of time in terms of inventions. When humankind invented the use of iron, the Iron Age started. Similarly, we have come across times named after metals, food production processes, and even industrialization. But, the recent time would get documented in the charts of history as the Digital Age, and that’s because technology has seeped in every nook and corner of our life.


Music players to bedside lamps, televisions and air conditioners to the lighting system, everything is digitalized today. Thus getting adapted to the ongoing changes is no doubt necessary. But still, there is a fine line between getting adapted and getting addicted, and it is imperative to understand this difference.


At Yuvashakti Model School, positioned among the Top Schools in North West Delhi, we believe that while embracing the modern technology wisely can be indeed beneficial, becoming an addict to it is something that should be watched out for. And though everyone should remain watchful of their technology/gadget use, it is children who particularly need to stay careful about it. On that note, here we have compiled a list for the parents of some of the most common warning signs that you can keep track of so as to ensure that your little ones are not falling prey to the digital world's unavoidable magnetism.


Uncontrolled screen time

If your child is spending the majority of the time sitting in front of digital devices like laptops, smartphones, desktops, tablets, or any other, it is time you start paying attention to his/her routine. Not having control over the time spent before the digital screen is one of the early signs your child is getting addicted to the digital world.


The best solution to this issue would be to restrict your child’s screen hours without making them perceive the restriction. Make a routine for your child and distribute all the tasks like studies, games, creative works, and screen time evenly throughout the schedule. This will automatically curtail the time spent before the digital screens while your child will not think that you are forbidding him/her from it.


Loss of interest in other works

Was your kid used to be fond of dancing, painting, singing, or any other creative activity earlier? Has your child’s interest in these activities diminished recently? Does he/she prefer to stay busy with the devices and digital gadgets instead of spending time on his/her hobbies? This change of interest can be a clear indication that your kid is gradually getting addicted to the digital world.


To help your kids come out of this biasness, help them reinvent their passion for the activities they loved doing earlier. Let them participate in creative art and performing art events to reignite the candle of fondness for these activities. Continuous engagement in such activities will restore their love for these and help them stay out of the screen for longer periods.


Reluctance in gelling with peers

Were there times when you had to summon your kid to come back home from an outdoor playground? Did your child love spending most of the free time playing and socializing with friends? If your kid is no longer willing to go out and mix with the peers just to spend a few more hours in front of the digital screen, it is time you take the necessary steps.


Talk to your child in an age-appropriate, friendly manner, and make him/her understand the importance of social interactions. Tell the kid about the menaces of spending too much time with gadgets and how spending time in nature and maintaining discipline in life is crucial for his/her overall growth.


At Yuvashakti Model School, one of the top schools in North West Delhi, we understand that digital addiction is a tough one to crack, but it is always advisable to help your kids get rid of it as soon as you detect the early signs of the addiction cropping up. However, keep in mind that it never helps to reprimand or scold children. Our Principal, Mr Harinder Kumar, opines that a restrictive approach can, in fact, turn detrimental to controlling the behavior of kids. Instead, adopt a friendly approach and help them understand the issue.



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From our years of experience in mentoring and guiding the young minds, we can assure you that your well-spoken words will impact more than the harshly delivered ones. Hence, lend your support, empathy, patience, understanding, and warmth to your little ones, and it will surely help to get your child out of the digital addiction.