Common written exam is a new introduction to the recruitment procedure. It will be conducted in 2011, for recruitment of Bank PO and Clerical posts. After scrutinizing the problems related to recruitment for many years, IBPS finally got the mandate to conduct these exams for the two most coveted jobs offered by the banking sector. 19 public sector banks decided to participate in this new endeavor.
Institute of Banking Personnel has been a successful recruiter of the banking sector since many years now. It has carried out much successful recruitment. It not merely confines to recruitments, it also holds promotions based on the performance. It aims at giving fair chance to the candidates who deserve it and are ready to face more challenges and responsibilities. It also conducts many training programmes which train the candidates by polishing their skills, and enhancing their talent. Such programmes have made, IBPS one of the most preferred choices of people, when it comes to recruitments. Today, most of the public sector recruitments are carried out by IBPS which believes in high quality recruitment. It has its network spread throughout India, where much recruitment can be done simultaneously; such is the efficiency of its members. It consists of large team of trained professionals who prepare a high standard exam question paper. The question paper designed by them ensures the entry of only the most intelligent and prepared candidate, into the interview round.
The recent endeavor of IBPS is the CWE. It refers to a common test which would be conducted for recruitment into the posts of Bank PO and Bank Clerk. The exam would be conducted in 2011. After deeply studying the problems faced during recruitment, IBPS managed to gain mandate from the Managing Committee of Indian Bank's Association (IBA) which approved of its viable solutions to solve the prevailing problems. After much discussion and debate it was proved that CWE is a time and money saving procedure which should be enacted as soon as possible.
Therefore, in 2011, CWE
would be conducted. This type of recruitment facility is new in India and is usually followed abroad. It has been introduced for the two most sought after posts offered by banks, bank po and bank clerk. It will also be a golden opportunity for all those candidates who lost earlier chances due to lack of seats. Now, due to large scale recruitment, more hidden talents would come to limelight and many people would get the chance to exhibit their skills and capabilities.

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