Health issues with older cats will appear just like they do for us when we become old. They usually have a number of potential problems when they’re older. The age when a cat starts to have problems is around 9 years old. Around that age, the cat’s body will start to deteriorate slowly, and their mental and physical abilities are affected as well.

The rate at which the cats have problems varies considerably, and some will stay healthy for longer periods of time after they become old. What you should do as a cat owner, is work on prevention and boost their immunity while they’re still healthy. This can help them a lot in their final years.

Health issues in old cats will vary, depending on the general health of each cat, and on the nutritional needs that they have. The strength of their immune system is also important. The first thing you need to prevent in an older cat is obesity. You need to provide the cat with the nutrition that it requires, without helping it become obese.

While a dog will need less food as it ages, a cat will continue to need the same amount of calories throughout their entire life. Cats will usually become obese between six and nine years old.

The diet of an old cat should be different than that of a young cat, because their fat absorption and digestion is different. The quantity of proteins however, should remain the same, unless they have a condition that requires a smaller amount.

Old cats will not need minerals and vitamins as much as younger ones, but according to some studies, the aging process is slowed by vitamins A, C and E. Cats should get plenty of water as they age, even if they consume less of it. It’s an important source of nutrients for them and they should have water available at all times if they need it.

Problems with their teeth are the second large issue that cats meet when they’re older. Usually a cat will have either gum or dental problems by the time they get three years old. Brushing their teeth a few times each week is how you can prevent this problem. You can also give them chew treats, so you reduce the amount of tarter on their teeth.

When your cat starts to get older, you need to control their weight and their diet. This is the best method of keeping their health in check. Their diet should contain a low carbohydrate count by a high protein intake.

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