If one was to order their favourite meal, and this was at a restaurant that they have been to before, there is a storing chance that they will be looking forward to the moment when this food arrives and eating it. In this example, it could be said that their expectations won’t have much of an effect on what the meal is like.

Even so, what they will do is allow them to experience positive thoughts and feelings, and this could also have a positive effect on the people who work at the restaurant. The positive responses that these people receive from them can end up being mirrored back to them.

One Step Back

What is taking place within them will have an effect on their body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, what they say, and even the energy they give off. However, what is taking place within them will also have had an effect on how they behaved when they arrived at the restaurant.

And this will have made it even easier for the people who worked there to respond to them in a positive manner. This shows how powerful their expectations are when it comes to the kind of experience that they will have in this environment.

Just One Example

It doesn’t end their though, as this is just one of the ways in which one’s expectations will affect their life. For instance, if one was to go out and to socialise, what is taking place within them will have a big effect on how people respond to them.

This means that in order for one to receive positive responses from others, it is not just going to be enough to them to look the part. Their inner world will need to match up with how good they look on the outside.

The First Step

Not only this, their expectations can also define whether or not they will even go out to begin with. If, one thought about going out but they didn’t expect other people to talk to them or even to notice them, this could stop them from leaving their house.

Or, they could have negative expectations and end up going out, only to find out that they should have listened to themselves. When something like this happens, it will show that one is not aware of how their expectations are shaping their life.

One Option

Though having negative expectations when it comes to how other people will respond to them, and having these expectations mirrored back to them, they may have developed a negative view of themselves. It is then not that they are playing a part in how people respond to them; it is that people just don’t like them.

It is then going to be a challenge for them to feel good about themselves, and they could even feel down and depressed. Yet, unless they change their inner world, they will continue to experience life in the same way.


One is then going to be in a prison that they can leave at any moment, but it won’t be possible for them to realise it. So, for as long as they have the same outlook, they will continue to suffer.

Fortunately, one has the power to bring this to an end; they simply need to see why they are experiencing life in this way and to make the necessary changes. One can then go from seeing themselves as a victim, to seeing that they were victimising themselves.


When it comes to receiving positive responses from others, one could imagine people responding to them in a positive manner. This could be done throughout their day and whenever their mind brings up an example of when this didn’t take place.

Along with focusing on what they will see, they can focus on how they will feel. This can allow them to reprogram their mind and it will soon have an effect on how they behave.

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