If someone was to go camping in the middle of nowhere and they had no food, it would be up to them to find something to eat. Due to where they are, the food that they need is not going to be delivered to them.

In the same way, when someone goes to a social club or to an event, for instance, they will most likely also need to make an effort. This might not be the case if they are extremely attractive or famous.

On The Sidelines

If they were to stand around and didn’t engage with others, they could start to feel as though they are being ignored. Seeing other people talking and having a good time is then going to be hard for them to handle.

Along with being ignored, one could even feel as though they are not welcome there and feel the urge to get away. Their mind is going to be busy creating a whole story around what is taking place.

Lighting the Flame

If they want to get involved and no longer want to be on the side looking in, it will be essential for them to take action. Instead of passively waiting around for something to happen, they will be the ones who will make something happen.

Coming from this place will also mean that they are focused on what they can give and not on what they can take. Their whole energy is then going to shift and they will be less likely to have a draining effect on others.

One Option

What one could do is to start talking to people as soon as they arrive as this will stop their mind getting in the way. They will then arrive at the venue and they won’t allow their energy to drop by waiting a little while before they interact with others.

If they were to wait around and allowed their energy to drop, it is likely to be a lot harder for them to get themselves moving again. Their mind can end up coming up all with all kinds of reasons as to why they shouldn’t do anything.

The Main Thing

When they talk to people when they arrive, it doesn’t really matter what they say; what matters is that they are in the right place. If their energy is right and they feel good, in addition to making sure that they are dressed well, everything else can just flow.

Their body language can end up taking care of itself, and other people can be happy to be around their ‘vibe’. Saying ‘hey’ or ‘how’s everything going’, for example, can be enough to get the ball rolling.

An Important Point

But, no matter how good their vibe is, it doesn’t mean that everyone they approach will be responsive. There can be a whole host of reasons as to why another person wouldn’t respond in a positive manner.

This person could be having a bad day or they might not have very good social skills, or one could remind them of someone who they had a bad experience with in the past. The key will be for one to do what they can to allow this experience to pass through them and to move on.


In the beginning, one may find that it is a challenge for them to behave in this way. This is because they will be behaving in a way that is not familiar and, to their ego mind, what is not familiar is a threat to their survival.

One can then see this as a process and not something that will happen straight away. If they don’t have this approach and expect it to happen instantly, they can weigh themselves down with unnecessary pressure and end giving up altogether.

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