Not only can you receive additional insight but your dreams can be manipulated from the outside world....
Are you dreaming of visiting other planets? Are you dreaming of weddings? Are your dreams ridden with seemingly unrelated events and symbols?

A study was conducted at the Toronto Sleep Center not long ago where a subject (the sleep participant) was being prepared for his sleep at the center (Let's call him Jim to protect his privacy). Jim came to the center because he had problems sleeping and wanted answers. Jim was given a room (looked like a cozy bedroom) where a doctor was at hand preparing Jim for the night by placing electrodes in certain areas of this head and body. After the hook ups, the doctor left the room and Jim laid down to go to sleep. There was a camera in one of the corners of the room giving a full view of the room and Jim. The night would be long as there was a coordinator in another room who's job it was to wake Jim up periodically from his sleep. It's all apart of their treatment and nothing unusual there.

Then came another professional man (who's on television) who works with the mind and does amazing things with people to show how very powerful it truly is. He truly is helping many people and viewers learn more about what it is we are capable of if we utilized more of our minds daily. This man, we'll call David, entered the sleep center the night Jim had his treatment. David was ushered into the same room as the coordinator and Jim had no knowledge of what was to come. David had taken a drawing out from his brief case and while sitting next to the coordinator, told the coordinator to study this simple drawing for a brief time. The coordinator did. David, who had already concentrated on the simple drawing was staring at Jim through the camera as the coordinator studied the picture. It wasn't long before David asked the coordinator about whether or not Jim was in R.E.M Sleep: A time during our sleep when dreams are being experienced. The coordinator looked at the monitor and Jim was indeed in R.E.M sleep. David then asked the coordinator to send Jim the impressions of the simple drawing along with David. The coordinator was then asked to wake Jim up, during this R.E.M stage of sleep, and have Jim give details of his current dream. The results were amazing. Jim had described the simple drawing that was just briefly studied by David and the coordinator. This, needless to say, left the coordinator stunned!

There is apart of us that is active while the Ego part of us sleeps. It's an energy, the subconscious as termed by Freud and others, which is active. As alive as your Ego is during the day at night the Ego Self rests. This shift, or altered state, brings about another awareness leaving open another channel for insight, information and entertainment! There is evidence that information can be absorbed while we sleep. This is why hypnosis tapes work very well while we are falling asleep. You think you will miss information, but it's absorbed by the 'other half' of us fully awake and helping us through the night. It is a different way of seeing the world, not necessary the wrong way. It's a different way. Our perceptions are a result of both the Ego Self Awareness and the Subconscious Self Awareness.

Premonition Type Dreams

We can experience certain pieces of future events through the day. We are constantly altering our state of consciousness through out the day while we drive, watch a movie, or get lost in our work. It's a fancy way of saying that our concentration/focus has shifted our awareness depending upon what we are doing. Day dreaming is about de-focusing and it can happen at any time as our awake state shifts throughout the day or evening time. Once we are relaxed or have a break from concentration, day dreaming can take over - which simply means a shift in state of perception which happens all the time. Day dreaming can be a time when you actually focus on something you desire or 'dream about' or it can occur when we detach ourselves from focusing on any one thing. This can happen fast and in between your Ego thoughts which want to run the show in the day. Premonitions come fast and sometimes a symbol can flash before us or a chain of events can appear in your mind. Some people are aware of this and make notes. Other people don't recognize such information because it either happens at a rate where the Ego Consciousness hasn't processed the information, or they ignore it. These precious moments can and has helped many with additional insights into their own lives.

During the night, premonition dreams are different then other dreams. You will know you have had a premonition type dream when the dream unfolds in a clear, precise, coherent manner. There is no flying pigs or chickens with boots on. Upon awaking, for those who have worked on remembering dreams, will find that the dream is true to life. People, events and the like have played out as it would in the wake state. As an example, I had booked a 1 week cruise in the month of November a few years ago. One of the dreams which came to me about 2 1/2 weeks before my departure had given me insight about what I would experience on the ship. I dreamt of a woman who's name is Tina. This Tina looked just like my cousin Tina but the difference being that the Tina I know has blond hair and the Tina in my dream had dark hair with more length. In this same dream as I was speaking with this Tina, we were at this resort type place standing by the pool and talking. Then, my name was called from this hotel's balcony (I'm facing the pool and the hotel is looming large just behind it) and this man waived at me. He wore a cowboy hat and appeared slim and tall. Tina, in my dream, turned to look at this man and said, "Oh, it's Colin!". I waived at this man whom I didn't know in my wake state. I thought it would be polite to waive back, although with some apprehension. Fast forward now...My cruising date arrived and as I made my way around the ship to explore this monstrosity (!), I began to meet people along the way (I traveled alone). I ended up meeting a Tina who looked exactly like the woman in my dreams along with her brother Colin!!!!! He was thin, tall and wore a cowboy hat!!!!!

Symbols, Events and Meanings....

Use dreams to gain additional insight into your day. In the day time, unless you are a veteran meditator or 'seer' and know how to de-focus your Ego Self, it's difficult for many to tap into their well of information. A well of knowledge that seeps through when the Ego Self has retired for the night. It's there. When you are hard pressed for answers, or would like to gain additional information for future events, utilize your dreams because they will give you much in terms of what your next step should be. It really takes for you to acknowledge your subconscious and prepare yourself in the evening before you go to bed. Giving this part of you acknowledgment means you are activating this awareness. It's like using your muscles. The more you do, the more fine tuned your dream time will be. The more you will gain in terms of having answers to your most pressing questions.

Symbols and meanings are important in your dreams. Again, different then premonition type dreams most people will receive clues and answers in symbolic form. This I believe is the case because humans learned to communicate and see the world first through symbols. Symbols and rituals. This has not been lost just needs to be re-learned or acknowledged again. Language through words are a recent phenomena- The Chinese have preserved symbols in the way they communicate.

In order to help yourself uncover meanings in your dreams learn to write out your dreams and notice at what time in your life certain symbols appear to you. You can learn the generic meaning in dream books but I highly recommend you begin to keep a record of symbols and events that unfold. These symbols can mean something entirely different to you. Having a monkey appear in my dreams will mean something different to me because of not only how it appears but it's definition is fitting for me in my life.

As more people begin to explore who they are and the many facets of their mind, getting answers through dreaming will become main stream. I am excited about how people are beginning to explore and experiment in this area which has been available to us since the dawn of mankind. Along the way the scales where tipped and humans lost touch with themselves. It will be re-aligned. We are innately inclined toward experiencing different states of being and as we progress further into this century, many more will understand what is meant by scientists who say humans don't utilize over a small percentage of their minds. The time has come....

Out-Of-Body Dreaming, Meeting Up With Each Other in Dreams, and revelations in Children's dreams in the next article....

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