Beyond the Unforeseen
The world came crashing down when Corona Virus hit the globe and shook everyone out of normalcy. The powers that be and the medical fraternity were all appalled at the way the virus was attacking and constantly changing its qualities and mutation, making it difficult to arrive at a specific treatment for the life-threatening pandemic.

Even today, it continues to do so. Never was the entire world in such a dilemma and powerless to find a permanent solution to rid mankind of the deadly virus. Even as the world seemed to crumble under the attacks made by the virus, many tried to find solutions to at least prevent the virus from infecting people.

As a temporary solution, lockdowns were imposed for some time. This took a serious toll on the economies of countries across the globe. The economic downfall was just a tip of the iceberg that led to many other serious issues related to economy.

Some companies, however, have remained out of the bound of Covid-19. Rather they flourished during these tesing times. And if the experts are to be believed they will continue to flourish even after a solution/vaccine is discovered. The reason – after such a huge setback due to the pandemic people are expected to be extremely cautious for fear of contracting the virus. Thus, the products and services, and precautionary measures would be followed for years to come.

If any business is flourishing during this period, it is the health care sector where right from pharmaceuticals to patient engagement and many related fields are in demand and they are catering to their clients online.

The smarter ones diverted into manufacturing precautionary items against the pandemic, like sanitizers, masks, hand gloves, PPE kits while the existing ones manufactured more than their normal figures.

Online food and essential services delivery have seen a huge surge in business with the demands escalating on a never-before high during the pandemic. Many households have even started checking the oxygen levels of their family members with Oximeters. This also led to more production of such machines. Manufacture of temperature checking units have gone up with practically every building using it for visitors/residents/employees entering the premises.

Foods that boost immune system, build strength and energy boosters, various types of herbal tea (that can be made at home), Ayurvedic food, drinks and powders have seen a never-before demand and subsequent supply. To satisfy the demands, naturally the manufacturing went up.

Along with these the sale of insurance policies also rose higher than before. Online buying of policies is on a high. If insurance experts are to be believed, then the sales of insurance policies have gone up by more than twice their usual sale.

Industry experts also predict that the sales would only go up once the economy gets streamlined because many of them had not bought insurance before the pandemic, not doubting that a deadly virus would appear suddenly. As a precautionary measure in future, people are expected to buy insurance policies.

Besides, e-learning, online training, online fitness classes, online hobby classes, online motivational coaching, online public relations campaigns are some of the other businesses that have not been touched by the pandemic. Many Apps have come up to deal with the pandemic and to help people live life close to normal.

Today, the word negative means positive. Nothing gives a Covid suspect patient more respite than a negative report. The fear that has gripped the minds of people worldwide is expected to propel such businesses even post-Covid.

Pertaining to the same, this edition titled, Companies Beyond the Bound of Covid-19, intends to place the spotlight on companies that have survived and emancipated themselves from the hurdles and challenges brought to their doorsteps by the pandemic.

On the cover of this edition, we have, SteepGraph Systems Private Limited, which has been taking care of the PLM implementation needs of organizations worldwide since 2009.

The name SteepGraph was coined to indicate the upward growth graph that its customers could achieve by partnering with it. From the very beginning, SteepGraph’s core value was to deliver 120% in whatever it did for its customers. Over time this has become an integral part of the organization’s culture and winning formula. Customers today identify SteepGraph as a trusted partner who is always focused on maximum value delivery by going the extra mile.

The list also includes, AHI Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. one of India’s most quickly growing insurance firm licensed by IRDA; Fleetop, an end to end fleet management and maintenance software for all fleet size whether it is one vehicle or many, also we can call it as a fleet PLM- product lifecycle management tool; Tally Solutions Private Limited, a pioneer in the business software products enjoying a reputation as India’s leading business management software product company; and Klaus IT Solutions, one of the leading ISO9001:27001 certified professional services and solutions companies in India.

Alongside, details on these profound companies, this edition also encompasses articles penned by industry experts and our in-house editorial team.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition as much as we enjoyed curating it for you!

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