Future of Digitization!

We live in a digital era, where technology is not only an industrial aspect but a part of every human life. Look around you, we are all surrounded by immense transitions of transmitted frequencies which are no visible to naked eye. Thus, we collectively can phrase that, we are more integrated into technology instead, it been integrated in our lives.

One of the greatest invention-cum-discovery, ever extracted from this ever-evolving technology is “Cloud Computing”. Prior to its inception, none ever imagined that such an advancement would implicate to increase the efficiency in various industries as well as in to daily human lives. For the past decade, cloud computing has evolved from an advanced innovation to technological lifeblood that runs through most modern enterprises.

Still, there is a lot of fuss about cloud computing and a critical question always arises, why do we need cloud computing? And the answer is the technology is not just concerned with businesses, it is also useful for the human mankind as well. Cloud computing has seen the fastest adoption into the mainstream than any other technology in the domain and this adoption has been charged by the ever-increasing number of smart devices that can access the internet. For businesses, cloud computing offers access of applications and data from any remote location and from any device with an internet connection. Accessibility is just one form of its benefits, while the other pros include cost savings, security, efficiency, and disaster recovery.

Cloud computing is a 21st-century technological wonder that holds its importance in almost every field one can think of. Every emerging new technology will be supported by cloud computing whether it be autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, digital first infrastructure or using robots in manufacturing.

With an intent to emphasize advancement of cloud technology and its never ending utility, CIO Look has enlisted some potential companies in the issue, “Companies Leading the Cloud Technology Revolution 2019”. These leading companies are taking cloud technology to the next level with their exemplary cloud solutions, business competencies, and technical know-how.

Let’s unveil such alike, inspiring interviews and stories of many such significant organizations in this special edition and spread a word about their contribution in making this world a better place. Also, flip through the CXO standpoints presented by some of the leading industry experts to taste the glimpse of industrial revolutions.

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