It is common sense that the employers check the employment history of a potential candidate. The background check gives entire details of a prospective candidate. An employer gives a background check to find out about the work ethics of a candidate and also to check whether the prospective candidate has any criminal records. Today, the companies have made it mandatory to give an effective background screening to understand the history of their potential employee. Pre employment background check companies and services provide an in-depth systematic analysis of the character of the person. Are you completely sure that the person you intend to employ is not lying? He or she can be a dangerous criminal, or a person with serious financial troubles.

In the past, pre employment background checks took days to sort and reference through several resources. But nowadays, everything happens online. The main advantage of a pre employment background check online is that you won't have to visit criminal courts and law enforcement institutions to get the material you need. Just make sure you select an online pre employment background check company that is popular and competent.

The companies today outsource the work of background check to the third party organizations. The companies should choose a screening service, which is comprehensive and the one that meets the needs of their company. Most of the background screening companies provides only general screening such as pre-employment history, education history, credit history and so on. Therefore, if you want any specialized screening it has to be notified to the screening firms. For instance, if a potential candidate would be working with children, then the employer can ask the background screening firm to find out if he has any criminal record.

A background check reveals information regarding an individual’s profession, criminal history and financial history. In brief, a background check includes everything from bankruptcy to employment history, time spent in jail to speeding tickets. Criminal background check is done to find out if a potential candidate has any criminal record. If the criminal record search reveals that the candidate has been convicted, the employers would be unwilling to hire him. The companies would call the candidate to discuss his criminal record. It is always better to be honest with your employer because he already has seen your entire work history. It's possible to do a complete background check on anyone. And you can do it easily from your home or office. There are some good online pre employment background check companies that offer all-inclusive data on the person of your choice. And it's much less complicated than you think. It's fast and instant, just enter the full name of the person you want to check. Physical tests are also important in this context. The pre-employment physical exam completely depends upon the kind of job a person has applied for. For instance, if the job requires a person to work manually, certain tests may be conducted during the medical exam to check the person’s physical ability as well as stamina. But mostly, for a pre-employment physical test, the doctors start with assessing the medical history of a person by making inquiries.

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