Genext Students is one of the leading companies that provide quality education to students through e-learning as well as by taking private home tuitions. The company led its foundation stone in 2013 by two intellectuals, Asad Daud and Ali Asgar Kagzi. The duo started the company originally as an online provider of education. Over the years, in 2016 it modified itself to offer the best Tuition Teachers in Pune and other cities for the students.

Genext id acknowledged because the services offered by the company is beneficial for both the students and their parents. A student can easily search for a private home tutor for a particular subject. Once, he has chosen the best suitable teacher among the list of many, he can go with the demo classes to get an idea of the tutor and his teaching methodologies. If the student is not satisfied with the learning then he can request for a replacement which is done instantly by Genext.

Genext students do not only focus on the students but also, it takes care of the parents’ demands. Before hiring the tutor, homework is done by the Genext about the teacher. The qualifications and experience of the teacher are considered and his background as a human being is also checked. The tutor hired is responsible for taking regular tests and assessments of the students and report the progress to the parents which is effective to build up the learning process.

Genext, with its evolvement, has also created employment for the youth. The people who have a zeal and passion for sharing their knowledge and learning are hired by the company as tutors. Genext looks for highly qualified and experienced teachers who can take responsibility for a child's future. The company shares its part to the society and us operated by its offices and the website .

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The duo started the company originally as an online provider of education.