It is the responsibility of every citizen to ensure that every individual enjoys the right to education. But over the years, with so much competition and development, the education system had still not shown any sign of improvement. In fact, the burden on children has increased even more.

In order to bring changes in the education system and to eliminate the traditional method of teaching and learning Genext Students Private Limited has truly helped to bring a revolution in the education system by bringing modern teaching and learning provided through private tutors and digital content.

Genext students Private Limited has made learning fun, innovative and interesting for students. Genext Students believe in giving learning by keeping in mind the capabilities, interest and grasping the power of a student. Also, parents get a regular feedback on the performance and progress of their child. As per their requirements, one can Find Private Home Tuitions in Bangalore at also in Mumbai, Delhi, Bihar etc.

At Genext Students, a great and ideal platform is also provided to passionate and hardworking teachers who aim to be a part of a child’s growth and development. One can search Private Home Tuition in Bangalore at as well as Mumbai, Delhi, Bihar etc

This innovative idea has helped Genext Students to earn an award from the Rajasthan State under the ‘Yuva Udyamita Protsahan Yojana’. Genext Students Private Limited is also listed among the top 40 ed-technology savvy start-ups present within Asia Pacific and has also been nominated under the Red Herring Top 100n Asia Awards.

The dynamic duo and the brainchild behind the Genext Students Private Limited, Mr Ali Asgar Kagzi and Mr Asad Daud are hugely applauded and respected for their innovative idea and commendable work in the field of education.

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