Chances are good that you spent a great deal of time and effort researching every aspect of starting your business, including your ideal location. Every business is different and has different needs with regard to square footage, open space, soundproofing, geographic location and other such concerns. However, if you haven't assessed your current situation lately, you may not realize that your company space is no longer serving you optimally. If you've noticed some operating inconveniences or productivity issues, you may want to consider these signs it's time to relocate your business.

1. There Is a Change in Your Business

If there is something about your business that is significantly different now than when you first began, a change in location could be warranted. Such changes may include dramatically increased production, downsizing in staff or undergoing a merger. Rapid growth often requires a commercial space with more square footage to accommodate additional equipment or staff.
However, it may make sense to choose a smaller and more affordable location if you currently find yourself with a smaller, more efficient workforce. A company merger may mean making a move to a brand new facility or moving your operations to the existing location of your partner. Sometimes a move just makes sense.

2. Your Current Location is Inconvenient for Staff

If you notice that staffing your organization is difficult, it's a good idea to begin doing some research. Ask workers during an exit interview if location is a contributor to their desire to leave. Should you find that your facility is too far removed from your desired workforce, a change is likely in order. Consider moving to a more densely populated area or even forming a partnership with an educational institution whose students may be a good fit for your company's staffing needs.

3. Customers Are Too Far Away

Also, think about your customer base. If data shows that your customers are primarily located in a particular geographic region, it may be a wise investment to relocate at least a branch of your operations closer to this locale. Doing so may offer a significant savings in shipping costs, making the move cost-effective and worthwhile.

4. Costs Are Too High

Operational costs vary from location to location across the country. Some places offer tax incentives for moving a business there, and some cities or towns simply have a lower cost of living. Of course, you'll want to take the other points made here into consideration. It may be wise to choose a locale that can bring your costs down, while still allowing you to retain quality employees and meet your operating needs, including shipping and transport.

These are just a few considerations to keep in mind when it comes to deciding a business relocation. If you decided to make the big move, be sure to consult a reputable and quality moving service like Wheaton World Wide Moving. Professionals will be able to provide the best packing services for your expensive equipment and can handle large, commercial moving needs without interfering on your productivity.

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