One of the best ways of comparing juice extractors is to compare them. Such comparison can be by their performances, by their efficiencies, and above all; by their respective prices. They can even be compared by their safety features including anti-slip rubber.

Features of Good Juice Extractors

Good juice extractors will normally have the following features.
They would be highly efficient, and durable;
Such juicers will carry long warranty on all its parts and machineries;
It should be affordable but should not compromise on the qualitative aspects in lieu of lower prices;
Good safety features should be available for the users; and
It should be daily usable.

Factors for Consideration in Juice Extractor Comparison

Some of the basic factors for comparison in juice extractor comparison are –
Ease of cleaning the extractor;
Noise and vibration it creates;
Juicing speed at which it operates; and
Type of juice or extract that the user requires.

Juice Extractors by Types

It would be good learning about the juice extractors by their types.
Centrifugal juicers are not only affordable but do not have many moving parts. Hence they are easy operating as well as convenient for cleaning. With a disc shaped shredder it spins out juice for the user and sends it through a filter basket to the container in which juice is stored. Task accomplished by the basket is to hold back the pulp created. An advantage of this type of juicer is that it can perform all types of tasks of extraction required by the user.
Citrus juicers are also affordable and work pretty similarly like the centrifugal juicers but are suitable only to extract juice from citrus. An expensive model has the ability to create fine juice but one problem with this type of juicer is that that easily stains and requires regular cleaning.
Masticating juicers less foam and the products are often thicker and it is good for making ice creams and sauces. It will first grate the products and then it masticates it and juices it.
Last but not least is the wheatgrass juicer that hand cranks the juicer.

Some of the above types of juicers can be used for producing other juices but using the particular juice extractor suited for the juice would be the best choice for the user.

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