Think of a building without a great foundation… the whole building crumbles.

The Foundation - Compassion is the foundation of a nation. Compassion allows a nation to look at its people and the rest of the world with loving eyes. Compassion allows a nation to find the inner strength to go the extra mile to make things right. Compassion is a rock placed in a strategic spot that withstands pressure.

Compassion as the foundation of a nation not only strengthens their people but the ideals that they follow. Compassion allows everyone to understand suffering and thus they have empathy for those in need. Compassion as a foundation needs no rewards or recognition. Compassion is the power to step up when no one else will do so. And compassion has the courage to withstand pressure knowing that we the people are doing the right thing.

The Walls - Self-satisfaction becomes the walls of a nation. Just like the walls of a home which are well built. One can look at what one has been done with great satisfaction knowing that this home (this Nation) will protect and care for lots of people.

The Roof - Selflessness becomes the roof for a great nation. To do what one knows one has to do. Standing up to the onslaught of rain from those who will try to cause suffering. A roof always protects even when there are those who willing to rain on our parade. Thus, one is selfless, giving, caring, and always loving… that is the true nature of a great nation.

Stands Strong - When all three of these are in place… the legend of a great nation survives for eons. While nations come and go… the great ones which are full of compassion live on in the hearts and minds of men and women forever.

And Compassion along with God can be the foundation of every person’s life.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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