Now days, more than 90 % of the business owners would like to have one or more business websites in order to promote their product or service among the large amount of audiences. Every one of them strives to get the top 10 pages of the Google search list because most of the customers are choosing only those top 10 websites to get any service or purchase any product for your needs. For this purpose of bringing your websites to the top list of the Google search, it is essential to go for the domain authority checking process which is too significant for all kinds of websites.

Using domain authority checker tool:

In order to check the authority of your domain or website, first of all everyone should need to find the best and top rated domain authority checker tool given at the online platform. This kind of tool helps all website owners to quickly check an authority of your domain to provide you the strongest indication how well your business website can perform on the search engines like Google. The best DA checker tool will provide a chance of checking the following things such as,

Ø Domain authority (DA) will be calculated for your entire domain or website on 1 to 100 scale.

Ø Page authority (PA) is calculated for a particular page of your domain on the same 1 to 100 scale.

Ø External links or backlinks pointing to the particular domain or URL.

Ø Estimation of the URL age or your website age.

Ø Social media score of your website on the popular platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and also Google+.

Ø Google page rank is also calculated on the 1 to 10 scale.

When and how to use this DA tool?

For the website owners, there are several situations which increase a need of using the domain authority checker tool for your business websites. Some of those situations include,

ü To check the present authority of your business domain or website or particular pages for which you are building links.

ü To research the search engine optimization (SEO) strength of your competitor in the natural search results.

ü To inspect the new link building opportunities.

ü To know a real value of the new links which point your website.

In these types of different situations, you are in need of using the DA checker tool given at the top rated platforms. It is highly essential to use only the reliable and reputable website authority checker in order to know the current authority of your commercial website or pages. Such types of domain authority checking process will be greatly very helpful to improve the position of your website on the Google search results.

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