You must be excited about your first road trip! All new truckers are; after all, this was what they had been dreaming for all along. But before you head out on the road, make sure that you have packed in all that you will need for the trip. This is as important a task as going through the pre-trip inspection and safety checklists because when you are out on the road, you will have to sustain yourself. Keeping handy a packing list for new truckers definitely helps. This packing list for new truckers not only contains all the essential items for the road but is also compact enough not to cause the cabin quarters to overflow.

One of the most important items in the packing list for new truckers is clothing. Truckers often have to be on the road for long stretches of time, so it is essential that you carry a few changes of clothing along with you; you might not always have time to shower. A very convenient item to carry is a mesh laundry basket where you can dump your soiled clothes and wash them if you stop by any laundry service on the way. Also do not forget to stuff in a jacket along with your clothes to keep you warm if there be any sudden drop in temperature.

Other clothing materials you may want to consider are work gloves and work boots, in case you have to do some dirty mechanical work.

Every packing list for new truckers emphasizes the importance of carrying a pair of quality sunglasses. It may not be known but many a trucking accident has been caused when a trucker was blinded by the sun and failed to notice what was ahead of him.

Apart from the toiletries, a packing list for new truckers advises carrying comfortable sleeping gear, like a pillow and sleeping bag. This ensures that you do not have to spend time changing sheets on the sleeper bunk in the very little time you may get between stops.

Even if the packing list for new truckers does not specify the kind of food that you can take along on your trips, you must ensure that you take low-calorie healthy snacks. These healthy food items keep your hunger pangs satiated without leaving you feeling drowsy.

Another thing you should double check to make sure you packed are your documents. We recommend bringing checks (in case a debit card or credit card stops working), cash, social security card, DOT medical card, and an original copy of birth certificate.

In today’s age of technology, there are many electronic items you should carry.
•a laptop with 3G (soon to be upgraded to 4G) WiFi internet access can be very handy.
•A phone charger to keep in contact during you long hauls.
•Music CDs for when you can’t find any good music on the radio.

If we left out any important items please leave your comments or visit our website and leave feedback and we will be sure to add them.

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