Dubai has a plenty of things to do to proffer you. Luxury shopping, radical architecture, huge structures, worldwide known tall towers, lavish lodgings, replete of natural as well as artificial beauty, top-notch restaurants, and dynamic nightlife – all is waiting for you in one of the most-visited tourist destinations. Dubai is a place where you always want some more time to spend to wholly grab the charm of this spectacular city. Situated in United Arab Emirates, Dubai is one amongst the seven emirates making UAE.
An implausible developed land, Dubai is truly a progressive city. It is not inappropriate to declare it every visitor’s dream land. Dubai has all what tourists want and need in their dream land. A stirring pseudoscience of tradition with blatantly redolent desert splendor is to be found at this glamorous playground. Once you yourself explore the city, you will certainly realize the reason behind its admiration. Dubai is undoubtedly a shopping haven and proffers you amazing shopping experience. It’s tranquil botanical gardens and outdoor activities make you to fall in love with all that. Here, we apprise you how to explore the city even if you have just a week so nothing would be missed in Dubai.
Commence your cruise with the fantastic and modern side of Dubai. Radically, visit the two most popular landmarks including Dubai Mall and the worldwide famous Burj Khalifa. If you get a chance to sightsee the largest mall and the tallest building of the entire world then how can you miss that. First visit these notable sites and then proceed your trip further. Both of these structures are the must-see places while being in Dubai. Dubai Mall despite of being the biggest mall, last year added an additional luxury section to the mall to extend it more. Burj Khalifa is unquestioningly an impressive building which would no more be the tallest building of world since Saudi Arabia and Qatar are currently building two new towers which will be taller than Burj Khalifa. Plan out your first day in Dubai and set it just to visit the best structures of Dubai.
Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence are next to be explored. Marina is a Western deportee land offering an ideal space to a pleasant beach walk and is really a decent beach where 60-floor buildings catch your sight while you can do camel riding. Marina is a lovely place to hang out and here, many kids are to be seen driving their fancy cars either. Spend a whole day here and you wouldn’t get bored. The land has a lot which would make you to stay at this glorious place for a couple of hours making your day fully amusing.
The Palm Jumeirah, a famous palm-shaped island where you must spend some time at after visiting Marina and Jumeirah Beach. Along the coast, a stunning island is situated which is attached to Dubai mainland. Get to the very edge via monorail that runs 20 meters above the street and it may the best part of your cruise which you relish at its peak. The monorail running above the street offer you a mesmerizing view of the whole island’s shape. Here, you would have a wonderful experience with something fascinating to do. Clean and soothing atmosphere with plethora of colors at this breathtaking site would make your day and you would have a memorable day here.
Dubai is a place whose history and tradition never make you feel dull. Rather, it may your favorite part of your cruise. Dubai best reflects its past, having a real soul. Plan your fourth day visiting Bastiqaya and Bur Dubai. Bastiqaya and Bur Dubai is a place inhabited by Indians since many hundred years ago. It was once one amongst the region’s main economic pillars. The place is still inhabited mostly by Indians and here you will find authentic Indian eateries, real bazaars (markets) and traditional architecture. Bastiqaya citizens acclaim that here best Indian cuisine in the world is offered. UK citizens find it interesting and rare to observe the tradition of Asians and the way they keep their customs.
How could you miss camel riding and discovering the desert while being in Dubai? Reach Al Marmoon Racetrack deep in the desert sands to have an experience unlike other experiences of your life. 60 camels rushing out from the gates running very fast are followed by their owners. One amongst the most traditional activities in the Arab Gulf is camel racing that takes place on Friday and Saturday from October to April. Just even watching the race is rather enough to enjoy your time. You would have quality time here and enjoy another day.
Now its turn to behold the sight of and enjoy the tranquility of Dubai. While being in Dubai, don’t miss to see the best water park of Dubai. An outdoor water park accoutering wave pool, two artificial surfing machines, multiple water slides. 18 meters cataract that goes off every ten minutes, certainly catches your sight and make you to stay at. The park further has two gift shops, two snack stands and three restaurants where you can have something scrumptious to take to complete your visit. Next site to reach a great theme park known as IMG Worlds of Adventure offering immersive entertainment. If you are looking for a place with thrills and spills then nothing would work better than this amusing park. It has a lot to offer you here you spend a whole day without getting free for a moment and it offers you utter quality time.
A night must be spent in Dubai to experience the dynamicity of its locals. Just access the city’s major cultural hub and chief amusement venue, Dubai Opera. Hosting famous musical theater productions, ballet, opera, classical music, concerts, comedy nights, Dubai Opera has astonishing architecture and endeavors you an ecstatic night to see the lively side of Dubai.
Replace or reset your cruise according to your time duration you are staying for but keep in mind that all the above-mentioned places are worth-visiting and the activities are must to be indulged in. Plan out your trip in such a way so you could and would truly explore Dubai.

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Let see how to backpacking Dubai in 2020. How you can enjoy this trip in such a great ways now truly explore Dubai hidden attractions to enjoy.

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