Do you know that Facebook is one of the biggest social networks in the world? Facebook has an option in a way you can, unlike Facebook pages. This stage has millions of individuals; therefore, you need to have a Facebook profile, page, and group to connect to different people globally.
If you are running a business, you need to have a business page to connect to others. Below is a quick guide to, unlike the Facebook page.
How to unlike multiple pages on your Facebook account

Open your Facebook account and login into your account

When you are on your Facebook account, click your name on your page's top right-hand on the corner. You will see on the corner your profile picture.

Click on the activity log button

When you click here, you will see six tabs: Timeline, About, Friends, Photos, Archives, and more options.

You can also use the shortcut; on the activity log page, you can copy-paste the URL into your browser windows. This will mechanically direct you.

You will check a link for likes and responses on top of your screen left side hand. You will then need to select on the page.

Here you will see all the Facebook pages you have liked in the past. This category includes the following, TV Shows, Music, books, athletics, Movies, Restaurant, Sports, People, Games, Apps. All those are displayed there. All are in the likes tab.

Next step: Start scrolling down as you, unlike each page you liked before. If you see a page and you do not want to follow, click on the unlike option. You can repeat the same procedure for all pages that you want to unlike.

You can follow the same process unlike your other accounts' Facebook page if you have more than one face account.

How to unlike single Facebook Page

If you are browsing on your timeline and realize a page you are not interested in, too, unlike the page is simple.
First, scroll down to your Facebook timeline, and unlike the page, you do not want.
Here you can hover your mouse on the name of the page you want to unlike. Additional information is provided about the page. It will pop out on the page you want. You will see two of the buttons at the bottom of the pop-up named following and liked.
You need to click the like button, unlike the page you don’t need. Still, you can decide to unfollow the page, but you can like it if you need it. However, you will not receive an update on the same page. If the page you like is almost reaching the 5000 likes limit, you can set for a, unlike the page.
You can now click on, unlike the page. You can see two buttons on the bottom for like and unlike. In case of any changes, then you are successfully done. Another alternative is the Facebook page, unlike the tool.


As I explained above, the process of unlike Facebook pages is quite simple. Reading this post will help you to, unlike all the pages you no longer need. I believe this post will help you too. Hopefully, it will help you, unlike some pages.

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