If you are among the many homes in Britain that still have old style wooden panel doors on the front of your house, you may be contemplating an upgrade. The newer, plastic UPVC composite doors are much more secure, providing a more effective deterrent against burglars and potential intruders, as well as ensuring that much less energy is escaping through the front of your house and therefore saving you quite a lot of money on your heating bill every month or quarter.

The reasons to replace ageing wooden doors with composite ones might seem endless, but there is surely a reason to keep the ones you already have? What about the extra cost for example?

Wooden panel doors immediately place your house at risk, as thieves can spot them a mile off. The way they are put together means that a few swift kicks can easily gain an intruder access to your home and valuable possessions. The insurance excess alone means that UPVC upgrades can be a worthwhile purchase, never mind the psychological trauma and damage to your carpets that an uncaring burglar can incur.

What about the aesthetic appeal of your house, however? It is no surprise to most people that many varieties of plastic door look like they are made of plastic. People think it looks tacky, and might not fit in with the vision they have for their home, particularly if they are quite house proud. Fortunately, there is an answer that combines the security and efficiency of composite doors with the vintage appeal of the more natural wooden variety.

Thanks to clever design and new technology, UPVC doors can come in a wide variety of colours and textures, as well as a number of designs. Some can look like wood at a glance; even to the extent that you would not know they are not unless you inspect them closely. As well as this, there are a number of ways to contain the windows, including leading them to appear more vintage. This means that houses with a lot of character, as you might find in the form of barn conversions, vicarages and older homes, can have doors with character too; they do not have to have cheap looking plastics that ruin the look and feel of your whole property. With art deco and art nouveau designs all the rage, it appears that classy looking doors do not have to become a thing of the past.

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