So, you’re going to buy a safety shoes for your workplace and you’re confused which one to choose from these two options. Read this article carefully, all your confusions will be settled.

Both the materials of these two safety shoes will protect your toes in the dangerous and hazardous working environment.You risk your toes to be crushed or pierced if you work in an environment where you might face falling objects, moving objects, and electric hazards, etc. Safety shoes normally protect you from two types dangers: instant impact resistance and compression resistance.

When you’re going to choose the types of safety shoesyou need from these two options, you will find no one is in a winning position. All depend on your using purposes and your budget.

In a steel toe safety boot, steel is used to wrap around thetoes of your foot and in a composite safety boot, composite materials are used to wrap up the front of your safety shoe.Both are valuable in their own ways. So, there is not a final winner of these two options.

So, how will you choose your option?

My advice will be: go to the supervisor of your working place and get suggestions from him. Some workplace must need steel toe working boots, and in some places steel toe boots can be a headache (say, you need to pass through a metal detector to enter into your working place) and even dangerous for you.

Composite Toe Safety Boots

In recent years, composite toe safety boots have become industry standard replacing the steel toe safety boots.
Composite safety boots are made of non-metal materials like. Normally these materials are used to make a composite toe working boot:

-Carbon fiber
-And Kevlar

Benefits of Composite Toe Safety Shoes

Comfortable work boots: Composite boots are not made with steel. So, it is a very comfortablework boot when compared withthe steel toe safety boot. If you’re working in an extreme weather, it’s the perfect boot for you. You know metal conducts heat easily. So, in a warm weather, you will feel hotter with your steel toe work boot and in a cold weather, you will feel sever cold. Using a good quality socks with yoursteel toe work boot, you can protect yourself from extreme weather, but if it is not a requirement, it’s best to use a composite safety boot.

Good for if you’re an electrician: If you are an electrician or work in a place where you live with live electrical wires, composite boots are a much better choice. Because composite work boots are built from materials that are not conductive in nature.

A lighter option: It’s natural that composite working boots will be a lighter option when compared with its counterpart. So, you will use less energy while walking wearing a composite boot. If your working environment demands you to wear the working boot for all day long, a lighter safety will be a very good choice.

Steel Toe Safety Work Boots

Steel toe safety boots are used in the dangerous working environment years after years. The reason is it is a tried and true method of protecting your toes from a countless number of dangers. No doubt, composite steel toe safety boots are a good option to buy but if you want to provide your feet a flat protection, steel toe safety boots will be your choice.

Benefit of Steel Toe Boots

- Low price: Steel toe boots will cost you less when compared with the price of a composite toe work boot.
- Overall More Protections: Steel toe safety boots will protect your toes from more hazards than a composite steel toe boot.For these reasons, it’s widely used in highly dangerous working environments.
There is a myth you might hear that if a really heavy object falls on your steel toe boot, the steel in your boot can amputateyour leg fingers. This myth is actually nullified.

How to Ensure Your Safety Boot is Really Safe?

ATSM (American Society for Testing Materials) has set a rating between 50 to 75 to provide accurate safety for your safety shoes.The highest is 75. Most brands will showcase this score in the product page. So, check out the score buying a safety boot for you.


Remember one thing. Safety first. If you face a real dangerous leg accident, it might completely outcast you from your career.So, abide by all safety rules provided by regulatory bodies. Now you know which boot can be perfect for you. So, choose wisely your working boots that will provide your complete safety at your work place.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.