If you are planning to apply for some recruitment or other competitive examination this year, it is time that goes beyond your area of specialization, and concentrates significantly on various issues happening worldwide in the last couple of years. General Knowledge has always been a part of the Indian competitive exams; however, the importance for the same has increased overwhelmingly, with a significant portion of the exam questions comprising of Current Affairs. The syllabus for general awareness is extensive, and it is important for the candidates to practice a whole lot of General knowledge questions and answers to gain a better grip on the events happening around the world.

General Awareness and Current Affairs has become a compulsory paper in all competitive exams nowadays, and it is considered an important parameter in evaluating the core knowledge and versatility of the students. With millions of candidates applying for different recruitment exams and entrance tests every year, the selection procedure has become convenient with the opportunity to disqualify a significant number of candidates on the basis of their knowledge in general awareness and current events. Moreover, with globalization, world has evolved more as a global village, and significant importance is attributed to various things that has happened before, or is actually happening around the world now. In fact, the knowledge for the same has become an important consideration in determining the intelligence of a candidate. No wonder, General Awareness has created an indomitable position in the competitive examinations lately.

General Knowledge is a vast subject; so where is the limit to one’s knowledge in this area?? Generally, the competitive examinations today specify a prescribed syllabus for General Awareness as well. On a broader perspective, the core areas of concern here are basic general awareness, Indian history and politics, famous personalities, geography, general science, Indian economy, Indian culture, sports, technology, books and authors, inventions, awards and honors, famous Indian locations, and important dates and years. However, this is a jist, and it may include other important subjects as well. As such, the best sources for reliable and comprehensive General knowledge questions and answers are books and online sources.

Plenty of solved and unsolved question papers for General Knowledge and Current affairs are available for free online. Simply download, practice, and earn impeccable proficiency in this important subject. Having an impressive flair in General knowledge questions and answers can significantly help a candidate in cracking the toughest of the competitive examinations.

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