As we all know, computerized versions of a number of tests have made their successful launch into the new world, or should I say, into Pakistan. Well, IELTS is no exception. Computer-delivered IELTS is the new talk of the town, and how much you act like you don’t care because computers are what you were born to operate, we know that you’re a bit anxious from the inside. Moreover, the fear of computer-delivered IELTS not being what you might expect it to be is the worst of all.

I guess by now I’ve quite certainly made my point, that is, before going ahead and taking the test you need to know what computer-delivered IELTS is actually like in reality. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out some truths that would help you get better prepared for your big test day. Following are some common misconception or expectations, and their realities:

CD IELTS is Different from the Paper-Based IELTS

While most of the people out there might tell you that computer-delivered tests have a different structure or way of assessment, it’s not the truth. Computer-delivered IELTS is actually very similar to paper-based IELTS, except, of course, you give it through your computer. Moreover, only the Listening, Reading, and Writing sections are to be given through the computer. They have the same content as paper-based IELTS, only you have to type instead of writing with a pen. Furthermore, the Speaking section remains the same in computer-based test (one-to-one with an expert IELTS examiner)

There is a Difference Related to the Level of Difficulty in the CD IELTS Test and Paper-Based Test

There is no difference at all in the content of the computer-delivered test and the paper-based test. The questions and way of assessment are the same, it’s not like you’d get MCQs in a computer-delivered test. So, no need to worry, a computer-based test is not more difficult from a paper-based test, and vice versa.

The Candidate Needs to Bring His Own Computer

The computer system is provided by the test center, as well as all other equipment, such as headphones. So, no need to fret over borrowing your friend’s computer if yours is not working properly.

CD-IELTS Exam Can Be Taken Whenever the Candidate Wants To

This one is the biggest misconception of all. Let me tell you guys, candidates have to appear at the specified test centers on the specified time for bot computer-delivered and paper-delivered tests.

Candidates Are Not Allowed to Change Their Answers or Leave an Answer Blank in Computer-Delivered Test

You might think that you can’t change or rewrite your answer once you’ve typed it in a computer delivered test. Well, you’re wrong, because just like in a paper-delivered test, candidates are allowed to both leave an answer blank or to change their answer. Also, the candidates get 2 minutes for reviewing their answers once they’re done with one section.

CD IELTS is Cheaper Than a Paper Based Test

The cost of the IELTS exam is the same for both computer-base and paper-based tests. However, it may vary for different locations around the globe.

All confusions clear, and you’re ready to go give your luck a chance at what’s new. Good luck!

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