Any gizmo that holds info for a computer for a brief time is named computer memory. If you have spent even a little time with any computer, you will hear all about RAM, Hard Disks, or CD's and DVDs. All these are means to store the information from a P. C. . The capacity and speed of storage varies much in these kinds of memory.

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Unpredictable memory would be called unbalanced if compared to how we ourselves work. An alternative way of looking at this kind of memory is to think of it as the feelings of the PC. Just as we are fickle in our feelings, so are PCs. This type of memory must have a relentless energy source so as not to retain its work.

At many times the PC starts running slow if the memory is kept in the drive rather than the RAM. To get hold of the right memory stick that matches your Computer, you can contact your makers are check out the assorted sites where you can buy the memory card on the web.

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Computer memory controllers have developed into a number of categories. These are Double info rate memory, Dual channel memory and completely buffered memory. The Double data rate memory controller is used to control the RAM which is in the shape of a built in circuit utilized in the computer.

So as to test your personal computer memory, try using some game that routinely slowed down your computer. Besides this, you can try running a few programs at a time. Notice how many programs you can run, before it slows down your PC. Purchasing a memory isn't too dear, so that you can easily buy more and install in a rather similar way.

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Registry cleaner is a miles better option as it is free to download. You can scan for free to determine if the particular issues lie on your system registry. You will need to purchase it to fix the problems, which is a better choice since memory is dearer than the software. The other advantage is you can maintain your registry to prevent the memory problem to happen in the future.

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