Concentrate on your strengths

In my work as a psychologist and a coach I often get people saying to me that they need to be better at or strengthen certain traits they have or get a better education or get better at some personal characteristics. Doing that they limit their possibility of enjoying and achieving life success.

Of course you need to add to your education or need a certain skill for a goal you have set yourself. 

But if we allow ourselves and others point out what we need to get better at we end up doing two mistakes:

  1. Lose sight of our strengths

By constantly concentrating of improving weaknesses we think we have we don’t give ourselves the time to further strengthen our strengths. 

The end result will be that we are mediocre in everything.

Instead if we concentrate on our strengths and eventually excel at them we have the possibility of being ahead of the crowd and get a possibility of using the strength to our benefit and even to others.

The most successful people in the world did not put too much time on what they need to get better at, they spent their time at perfecting what they are best at:

These are people in who excel in business, in sports, are world leaders and are in places where you need to excel.

If they can, you can too! Make sure that you’ll enjoy and achieve life success.

  1. Open ourselves up to manipulation

By allowing others to tell us that we need to be better at certain things we allow them to control the time we have to create our future.

We start dancing by their tune instead of listening to our own. 

We allow them to be judges over us and our work and even our life.

By doing that we relinquish control over our lives.

Is that what you want?

Take control of your life and the responsibility of it.

Author's Bio: 

Agustina Thorgilsson, an expert in industrial psychology, began her career in 1979 as a consultant for internal affairs, communication and human resources development (HRD) with AB Volvo in Sweden. In 1988 she became the director for the Institute of Management Training, a division set up by the Ministry of Finance servicing all of Iceland’s public sector. She later founded a management training company that advised both public and private sectors on strategy, management and HRD issues, before completing a Masters degree in clinical psychology which led to the founding of Life-Navigation in 2005. Agustina’s vision is to help making the world a better place by showing people how to transcend even the most difficult life-experiences individuals can possibly encounter and move towards peace as a race. She had learned to use her intuition, insights and little used old knowledge known to man. By tapping into this endless reservoir of information and understanding clinical psychology, the evolution of the Life-Navigation System began. Agustina’s successes have shown that Life-Navigation makes an enormous difference.