Under the Islamic global law, the world is divided into two portions. One is called Darul-Islam and other is called Darul-Harb. The partition or division finished by Muslims jurists is of great position because the relationships of the Muslims towards the Non-Muslims are mostly determined on the foundation whether are state or nation of the later is to be observed as Darul-Islam or Darul-Harb. This concept plays an important role in the administration of state. If we see the root meaning of Darul-Islam. It means land of safety or protection. While land of war or disputes is called Darul-Harb. According to definition of Darul-Islam, a land governed by Muslim leader according to the rules of Islamic belief is darul-Islam. A land under a non-Muslim Administration in which a Muslims cannot live with individual safety and autonomy to achieve his spiritual responsibilities is Darul-Harb.
The purpose of the separation made by Muslim jurists is that the Islam is a worldwide religion and not itemized for specific land. As Holy Quran says that to Allah Almighty belongs the dominion or authority of the heaven and the earth. Consequently, it should be strived by the Muslims that the Islamic rules should be compulsory in every land. There are some Features of Darul-Islam. It is that land of Darul-Islam, where Muslims can practice their religious duties without any stress or tension. Islamic rules or regulations can be imposed there. All Muslims are allowed to implement their religious responsibilities. Friday and Eid prayers are frequently spiritual obligations. Muslims can easily perform these prayers.
Now we speak about facets of Darul-Harb. It is governed by non-Muslim leader. Islamic commandment not prescribed there. Muslim communal does not live with autonomy. Friday and Eid devotions are not apprehended. Like in Saudi Arab many Muslims visit for Umrah through Umrah Package. A Darul-Isalm, if occupied by the non-Muslims or the dhimmees intensifying against the Muslims or the dhimmees growing against the Muslim Administration, may turn into Darul-Harb if subsequent circumstances are satisfied. The laws and regulations of the non-Muslims enforced there. It should be enclosed by other nations answering the explanation of Darul-Harb without any nation of the explanation of Darul-Islam being adjoining to it. No Muslim or Dhimmi can live there in the similar safety as under the preceding Muslim administration. If a Darul-Islam is curved into Darul-Harb, formerly it is a responsibility of the Muslim convicts to face and contest with them in each likely technique. A Darul-harb may develop Darul-Islam if the decrees of Islam may genuinely be propagated there.
One of the examination, as to whether a country should be preserved as a Darul-harb or Darul-Islam is whether congregational devotions during Fridays and Eids are detained in the nation or not, and these devotions can be held where the Director or the Qadi has control to apply Islamic laws particularly laws connecting hadd and revenge.
To conclude, it can be said that the separation of world into two fragments is important for numerous reasons. The Darul-Islam in philosophy was in a state of conflict with the Darul-harb because the final purpose of Islam was the entire world and a darul-Islam can announce a conflict against a darul-harb for the defense of the faith.

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