Love is the most essential emotion which is required by all human beings. We all experience this emotion for someone special at some point in our life. The extent to which someone feels love for someone else varies. It is such an illusionary feeling that one forgets whatever is going on around him and stays in an imaginary world of his own. Think of a world without love, there would be no peace or happiness at all.

When it comes to the ways of expressing love, they also differ with each other. Muslims often consider it a taboo and feel hesitation in discussing about it with someone. How is it possible that such a beautiful religion Islam do not allow human beings to love each other but of course there are certain limits in doing that. Allah has told in Quran that all Muslims are brothers and sisters and that strong bonding of brotherhood can only be maintained with love.

Love is a natural feeling. We don’t have much control on it and it often enters and leaves our heart without our consent. When talking about the love for Allah, it can be seen five times a day. What a beautiful sight it is, seeing the believer standing on prayer-mat and going down on his knees doing prayers five time a day.

This expression of love and bonding can be seen during Hajj and Umrah as well. In ancient times, people used to travel by road to perform Hajj and Umrah and it was an extremely difficult and time consuming task. But now, numerous packages are available such as Ramadan Umrah Package 2017 from Leeds and others, which are full of facilities for all the Muslims so that they can express the ultimate feeling of love towards Allah by fulfilling the most Holy Obligation of Islam. Surely there is no better love and bonding between the one created between a man and his Lord.

Now let’s talk about the love among two people. It is also allowed in Islam but with certain limits. If your love is becoming a barrier among you and your Allah, and that love is leading you towards a wrong path of Almighty’s disobedience, then surely that love is not permissible in Islam without any doubt. Often our love for someone leads us gradually towards a deceitful path and that happens so slowly that you are unable to figure out how to reverse back.

When you engage in any sexual activity without marriage just for the sake of your love, then it is called Zina and it is highly prohibited. This is the worst form of any love when you are so lost in your own created world that you forget the teachings of Allah. Our Lord is the most benevolent and has never stopped us from loving his creations but it should be done under limits by following the principles of Islam. Life is too short to spend on any unlawful activity and you never know if you get the chance of seeking forgiveness from Allah or not. So try to lead the path of virtue and refrain from any such activity which can displease Allah.

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