Hajj is the most important and Holy obligation of Islam and it is performed by millions of Muslims each year. Back in old time, performing Hajj was a difficult task because the travelling modes had not developed enough in those days. People had to face a lot of problems while travelling by road and it used to take a lot of effort and time because there was not much conveniences for people in those days. In today’s era, the mode of traveling has changed so much that now people perform Hajj more than once, without facing much difficulty.

Question arises that is it fine to perform Hajj more than once? And what are the commands of Allah and his beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in terms of performing Hajj more than once? Many scholars have recommended that Muslims should perform Hajj only once and should give the chance to other needy people by helping them financially so that they can also fulfill their dream of performing Hajj.

There are many amazing packages like Cheap Hajj Packages 2017 in Low Cost Deals with Best 5 Star Hotels and Luxury Flights and others, through which people can easily perform the obligation of Hajj and reasonable rates and can also allow other people to perform it by booking these packages for those needy people as well.It has been mentioned in one of the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that once he was telling his followers that Allah has given the command of performing Hajj to all the Muslims and they should perform it. One of the followers asked the Prophet that is it fine to perform the Hajj every single year? In response, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) remained silent.

The follower asked the same question thrice and then Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) replied that if I say yes, you will think that it is compulsory to perform the Hajj each year and those who are unable to perform it each year would face problem. Be satisfied with what I say to you because the people who came in the world before you used to ask so many questions from the prophets, and used to argue with them a lot. So if I tell you all to do something then try to do it more often and if I tell you not to do something then avoid it at any cost. In the light of Hadith one should travel to perform Hajj more than once as it is fine and allowed, but it would be much better if he give the chance to someone else to perform this holy obligation.

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