Modern web design is very much different from the design that was used some 10 years ago. With the advent of HTML 5, many new features have been added. Along with this there is the advent of responsive web design for which the institutes are teaching new concepts. One who wishes to study these concepts must take up a web designing course in Kolkata to learn and get a foothold in the industry.

There are many concepts in the subject.

The responsive design

Responsive web design focuses on device specific display of the websites. For this reason there are specific frameworks that need to be used. Of them the most important one is Bootstrap. It is a CSS framework with the help of which the websites fit well in any type of devices be it smart phones, laptops, HD monitors etc. The local institutes teach how to include the Bootstrap elements in both HTML and CSS to create responsive websites for all types of devices.

Modern Javascript frameworks:

Modern web design involves the use of many javascript frameworks such as Ember, Angular, React etc with the help of which both web designing and web development can take place. All of these web frameworks are totally open source. However, the web designers need to have an idea of javascript so as to work in these frameworks. These frameworks are very dynamic in nature and can be used to build fantastic web applications. The web designing institutes are now imparting the basic concepts of javascript for their candidates.

Flat UIs and Material Design

With time the user interface of websites have changed. At present Material Design from Google and Flat color schemes are applied to the websites. A web designing course in Kolkata teaches the concepts of these frameworks with which they are able to apply these designs. Also, there is ample scope of innovation in these designs where color schemes play a very important role.

Typography and Fonts:

Typography and font face are two very important parts of website design. Only learning the design concepts will not do. One needs to learn the various types of typography which can be used in website logos. This part falls under the purview of both web design and graphics design. On the other hand the application of fonts will play another crucial role. Fonts are tremendous mood setters and these institutes teach the types of fonts that can be used in different websites. There are many concepts that are available on the internet also regarding the typography and fonts that candidates can follow.

Page optimization concepts:

Page optimization is a very important part of modern web design. This is because the more optimized a page is, the faster it will load. For this the designers will be taught to optimize the images and the code. Today web designers minify CSS and Javascript to reduce the size of the pages and also to make them faster to load.
These are some of the concepts taught in a web designing course in Kolkata and candidates must join an institute which provides comprehensive course materials.

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Laxmon Gope is an instructor and educator at Institute of International Training. He teaches the most sought after web designing course in Kolkata with which he has helped many candidates to get jobs at prestigious companies