We Human beings are community animals. We live in groups and we make relationships. Relationships are meant to keep us bonded with each other. Interdependence helps us to grow mutually. We try to achieve win-win solution to any problem so that interests of anybody shouldn’t be harmed. From a group of people we have multiplied into a population residing this world. Now we are facing issues much greater than those of the groups we had. Issues are now of World concern to which there is no straightforward solutions. Serving interests of every sect of society get very difficult in this wake. These issues are mentioned in World news time and again to seek the attention of humanity as a whole.
India, being the seventh largest country of the world by size, plays a very important role whenever such issues are being talked of. BRICS, IMF etc are some of the important forums where India has its presence. Indian stance on various subjects is paid attention to as India News keeps mentioning. Indian states thus also become a contributor to these discussions in their own way finding space in states news. This phenomenon can be seen from the point of view of permeability. Topics of discussions get sifted from International to national level and then finally to state level.

Talk of the devil
We may be faced with dire situations but we still beat around bushes. Nuclear War is one of those things, much talked in world news for sometime. Superpowers keep increasing their military strength by mounting more and more nuclear weapons but it tries to put a stop on other countries to do the same, even for their own security.

This hypocrisy can also be seen within a country. Partiality and favors to certain states offending the rest has been highlighted in states News and India news over certain heated issues like division of rivers.

Waiting to strike
We are crazy. We try to not get into problems but make tangles of simple issues and get caught. We make relationships but then start becoming loath fully selfish. To save a relationship, we need to drop our own interests and see a comprehensive view of this world. All the States news, India news and world news cannot help to build and keep it intact from outside force. Only our own efforts of humanity and understanding can do this. We must understand the foundation we stand on and work mutually to save it from impending destruction of meanness.

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