Concrete Kibbles are considered 'ancillary devices' as are the brick cage and man box. Concrete Kibbles generally have the capacity of between 0.5m3 - 2m3. I have heard of 3m3 capacity kibbles, for this size you would need a decent size crane.

Concrete Kibbles

This kibble is a 2.1m3 kibble however it is hard to fill it all the way up. The heaviest I have loaded up this kibble is 4.7t of concrete which would be close to 2.1m3 of concrete.

Care must be taken to lower the kibble as it is being emptied as it will rise due to deflection reducing as the kibble becomes lighter. Here we are using the kibble to pour footings for columns.

concrete kibble bucket

My worst experience with a concrete kibble was when the boom pump that was pouring a concrete slab broke down. To avoid cold joints forming on the slab we had to continue to add concrete to the slab, slowly with the kibble. concrete kibble bucket

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3 Heavy duty large capacity rollover style concrete kibbles available in 1.5m3, 2.0m3 and 3.0m3. Hydraulic remote operated concrete kibble controls also available for all 3 models. If you are on a budget or need small capacity check out our other model of concrete kibbles.